Shocked Emmerdale fans ‘work out’ who Mack cheated with after ‘hint’

The news that Mackenzie Boyd had an extramarital affair with Charity Dingle has angered Emmerdale viewers.

With Charity learning that she was pregnant during the past few weeks, the two have been at the center of a significant storyline. Tragically, because the pregnancy was ectopic—meaning a fertilized egg had inserted itself outside of the womb—Charity was compelled to abort it.

Due to her advanced age and bad connections with some of her children, Charity originally had second thoughts about having another child, but Mack was ecstatic to learn he would be a father. He was eager to try again and even recommended IVF after their baby’s terrible loss.

During a wellness retreat, the pair got into an argument, and Charity stormed off after telling him that if he wanted to be a parent, he would have to find someone else. Later, she called Mack to apologize for the argument and express regret.

But instead of responding, he was seen in bed with another woman. Since then, puzzled viewers have attempted to identify the person.

They posted their theories on Twitter. Writing as Doreen Morfitt: “Because Chloe has been neglected since the Noah narrative, I believe she is in bed with Mack.

“Additionally, she prefers older guys. She was particularly interested in Nate, who kept her at a distance following a one-night affair.

It would be hilarious if they made her Mack’s stalker!

Will not be the Belle the scolding she gave Chas for cheating, Catherine concurred. Chloe, I bet.”

God only knows with whom Mac has cheated, remarked Jess. Most likely Chloe, as we actually got to see her tonight. Belle had best not be it after just telling Chas how terrible infidelity is.

“Mack, was he in bed with Chloe?” Ali questioned. Another admirer then inquired, “How do you know?” Ali responded, “I don’t, just speculating. We haven’t seen her in forever, but she showed up tonight.”

Danielle also enquired: “Who was Mack’s mistress, I wonder? Initially, I believed Belle, but after calling Chas out for cheating, I doubt she would. I have no idea who else it might be.”

Some now think that if the unidentified lady becomes pregnant with Mack’s child, it could cause another twist.

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