Shock new love interest for Dee-Dee Bailey in Coronation Street

Since she first stepped onto the cobblestones, DEE-DEE Bailey has been putting her career first.

But when a newbie to Coronation Street starts pursuing her, she knows that love is on the way.

Callum Lill, a star of Hollyoaks, has been added to the cast of the ITV soap opera as duty lawyer Joel Deering.

The newly introduced character will start dating longtime Weatherfield resident Dee-Dee Bailey (played by Channique Sterling-Brown).

Dee-Dee was said to be dating criminal Damon Hay in recent months, but he instead opted to have an affair with Sarah Platt.

Dee-Dee Bailey was the first to understand what she had been up to with Damon after the Underworld PA learned that she was pregnant as a result of this.

While pleading with Sarah to be honest with her husband and her own boss, Adam Barlow, Dee-Dee kept Sarah’s secret for a number of weeks.

The former US solicitor in Weatherfield almost lost her job when Adam realized Dee-Dee knew about Sarah’s affair but never informed him anything.

Next week, Joel invites Dee-Dee out for a drink and tells her he needs to talk to her about US law.

Dee-Dee is delighted to get her books out, but Joel is dismayed when he realizes she doesn’t view it as a date.

Dee-Dee is happy but admits she has plans the next few nights when Joel acknowledges that US law was only a pretext to ask her out.

Dee-Dee scolds herself as Joel rushes out, disappointed. What will she do?

It remains to be seen, but Sam Robertson’s Adam Barlow quickly gets involved.

Adam devises a scheme to bring the two of them together after learning that Dee-Dee declined a date with Joel in favor of spending the evening with him.

Will his labor be for nothing?

Could Dee-Dee have at last discovered love?

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