You are currently viewing Sharon Bentley of Coronation Street is planning to kidnap Sam Blakeman.

Sharon Bentley of Coronation Street is planning to kidnap Sam Blakeman.

Sharon Bentley of Coronation Street arranges for Sam Blakeman to be abducted the next week.

Sharon (Tracie Bennett) descends to new depths in her quest to aid her nephew Harvey Gaskell by rescuing Leanne Battersby from hiding.

After assisting in Harvey’s arrest for his drug offences, Leanne, her husband Nick Tilsley, and their son Simon Barlow are now living in a secret location away from Weatherfield.

Sharon has returned to Weatherfield in the hopes of locating Leanne and persuading her to amend her statement, thus jeopardizing Harvey’s case.

Sharon plans to use Nick’s son Sam (Jude Riordan) as leverage in the situation next week.

Harvey is informed by Sharon that Sam and his mother, Natasha, are scheduled to have tea with Gail Rodwell.

Harvey sends one of his sidekicks to the cobblestones to entice Sam into a truck.

As soon as Sam enters, Harvey’s man closes the door, locks him up, and drives away.

From Rita Tanner’s apartment, Sharon watches these heinous events unfold, well aware that she has committed a heinous crime.

After, Natasha pays a visit to Number 8 and informs Sarah and Shona that Sam has vanished.

Natasha reveals that she is unable to contact Sam because she took his phone when she discovered that he was secretly communicating with Nick.

With little answers as to where Sam has gone, Natasha reports him missing to the police. As Harvey mulls about how far they can go, Sharon plays the worried buddy.

Nick and Leanne are told that Sam has gone missing not long after. Can they emerge from their hiding place?

Sharon Bentley of Coronation Street

These scenes will air on ITV’s Coronation Street on Friday, May 21 at 7.30 p.m.

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