Sex scandal revealed in Coronation Street as Dev gets the shock of his life

Aadi Alahan’s (Adam Hussain) antics with married Courtney (Stephanie Davis) were always going to result in disaster, which would only add to the ick, but they are about to come to light.

Dev (Jimmi Harkishin) walks in to see the duo almost eating each other’s faces, and in a new Coronation Street spoiler clip, his expression is a picture of horror.

The relationship has been going on for a while behind her husband Darren’s back, and Darren is also giving Dev some fantastic money prospects.

He’ll be thinking about that constantly because Darren finding out about the affair would put an end to that plan.

The final straw occurs when Aadi can’t help but brag about his new, older girlfriend in front of Darren during a luncheon party.

Courtney watches as he compliments her and says she enjoys the risk when they finally meet in the next room.

When Dev enters, he is appalled by what he sees as they writhe together.

He rips a strip off them and criticizes their actions, but he is determined to keep everything a secret.

However, things don’t work out well because Darren’s realization strikes quickly after.

The character of the clueless businessman, played by actor Ryan Early, also forewarned that retaliation is inevitable.

Don’t cross him, and definitely don’t double cross him, because he’ll find a way to come back at you, he warned.

He’s very smart, he’s not new to the game, he’s seen people come and go, and he got to where he is by refusing to let anyone push him around, undercut him, or be dishonest. He will seek them out if they are.

Ryan gave Aadi some bad news and explained what might happen to the kid.

Darren doesn’t strike me as violent, but there are other methods to exact revenge.

He can make life really difficult for Aadi and can absolutely ensure that he never makes a penny from his business ventures in the northern part of England.

And Darren might be a major issue if Aadi is someone who is ambitious and wants to succeed in life.

‘Very early in his career, he crossed someone who was at the height of his success, which was a terrible error.

Darren is not a psychopath, but he is currently a very wounded person. He believes he lost the love of his life when he got a second chance, and he is unsure of how to recover from it.

Therefore, it is currently quite painful, and being in agony might cause someone to become irrational.

It’s time to look back, huh, Aadi?

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