Seven massive Emmerdale spoilers as Amelia Spencer puts baby Thomas Tate in danger

While getting closer to the disturbed teen Noah Dingle, AMELIA Spencer struggles with her body image.

But after falling and harming her son, Gabby Thomas also directs her wrath upon her. Learn more about all the turmoil in Emmerdale.

1. Amelia endangers Thomas

Amelia Spencer, a lonely youngster, recently risked her health to obtain the figure she desired.

As she becomes increasingly involved with sharing her life on social media, the young girl has reliant on a weight gain syrup that she purchased online, which has had a negative impact on her life.

She recently passed out in front of other village teenagers, but she dismissed their worries.

Amelia is instead concentrating on her developing relationship with Noah Dingle, who had earlier cruelly rejected her.

Coming up, Lydia Dingle informs her father-figure Dan Spencer (Liam Fox) that she is dating someone.

To Amelia’s astonishment, the latter is moved to question her about her love life.

Amelia continues to visit Noah in prison while pretending to be Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham), and she is happy to see how their friendship is developing.

Amelia’s vision begins to blur as she returns to the village, but she still agrees to watch Gabby’s children.

When Amelia’s illness and dizziness intensify while she is at Home Farm, she steals another envelope from the jail that is meant for Gabby.

Amelia passes out while holding Thomas, the infant.

The young youngster is severely injured after being dropped.

2. Gabby faces Social Services

Unfortunately, Amelia’s passing could have disastrous repercussions for Thomas and his mother Gabby.

When Harriet Finch enters Home Farm, she worries about the infant’s health and decides it would be better to take him to the hospital.

When Gabby arrives at the hospital, Amelia reveals that Thomas fell from his high chair and is stricken with remorse.

Lucas Taylor, who witnessed the actual events and reveals the truth, is unfortunate for her.

Amelia is called out for lying by Kim Tate (Claire King), and the teen is then bombarded with inquiries regarding her blackout.

Could she be honest about her struggles with everyone?

Dan Spencer is the one she confides in, telling him about the weight gain syrup and making a promise to be checked out.

Gabby worries when Amelia is the subject of an inquiry and Social Services becomes involved as a result of Thomas’ accident.

Could this cause further fighting in the titular village?

3. Suzy’s drug secret is exposed

Another secret will be revealed somewhere else this week, and it might not be good for Suzy Merton (Martelle Edinborough).

This week, one of Matty Barton’s (Ash Palmisciano) temper tantrums targets the newcomer.

Laurel Thomas (Charlotte Bellamy), noticing him acting out of character, tries to calm his rage with Suzy, but Matty surprises her with a shocking revelation.

He reveals to her that Suzy was actually the owner of the cocaine that caused Laurel to break up with Jai Sharma (Chris Bisson).

Although they were trying to work things out, Laurel feared Jai had returned into drug use and broke up with him as soon as she could.

However, how will she respond to Matty’s information?

4. Leyla is caught with cocaine

Suzy won’t be the only one to be revealed, though, as her friend Leyla Cavanagh (Roxy Shahidi) has also been concealing her drug use.

This week, she gets caught red-handed about to take a line of cocaine by her ex-partner David Metcalfe (Matthew Wolfenden).

David suspects there is something wrong with Leyla’s behavior since, unlike Suzy, she refused to stop using the medicine abruptly.

He claims that Leyla is missing from the last moments with his son Jacob before he departs for college.

Leyla flashes money to placate Jacob while under the influence of coke, but she only succeeds in enraging the shopkeeper.

She later regrets agreeing to contribute to Jacob’s housing costs at the university, and her situation at the Take A Vow office only becomes worse.

When Kim Tate and Vanessa Woodfield interrogate Leyla, she is surprised.

She ultimately loses her job as the businesswoman’s wedding planner.

Leyla spirals and seeks solace from what she perceives to be her sole source.

She tries to get out of it, but David catches her and she is caught.

When Leyla hears that David is prepared to tell Liam everything, she becomes terrified. David is still unimpressed.

Leyla begs the store owner to keep quiet, but the local doctor receives a note from David asking to meet.

The wedding planner asserts that she is abstaining from drugs.

Will David however keep her a secret?

5. Marlon struggles to cope

In the meantime, Marlon Dingle and Rhona Goskirk are in love (Zoe Henry and Mark Charnock).

The couple is getting ready to walk down the aisle while the chef continues to make progress toward a full recovery from his stroke, despite sporadic setbacks.

Coming up, Marlon is readjusting to life outside of his house but still finds it difficult to leave.

When her best friend Vanessa recommends throwing a party to commemorate their engagement, his fiancée is initially skeptical.

Marlon is dubious once Rhona brings it up, and despite his reluctance to return to The Woolpack for the first time since his stroke, he concedes.

Fortunately, Paddy Dingle offers Marlon support so he won’t have to go through it alone (Dominic Brunt).

After receiving assurances that everything will be alright, Marlon and Rhona head to the neighborhood bar for their engagement party later that day.

Everything looks to be going well since everyone applauds when Marlon declares his love for Rhona.

But is it possible that Marlon is acting?

6. Mandy is suspicious of Sandra

Soon after her return, Sandra Flaherty (Joanne Mitchell) starts stirring up trouble in the Dales.

Fans of the soap opera are certain that the character merely wants Liv’s money, and they may be right.

She doesn’t hold back this week, either, and steals from Mandy Dingle (Lisa Riley), who hired her for her salon.

Unbeknownst to Mandy, Sandra approaches and joyfully accepts a tenner gratuity for herself.

Sandra understands she must be cautious to not get caught when she is questioned about the missing money.

Could the money she owed Terry have anything to do with her theft?

Is she plotting something behind Liv’s back?

7. Jai gets jealous

Although Laurel is ultimately informed that Suzy was the owner of the cocaine that caused her split with Jai, there is no assurance that their relationship will ever be reconciled.

They could stay even further away from a potential reunion now that Marlon’s physical therapist Kit (Thoren Ferguson) was present in the community.

While a grieving Jai watches from a distance, many had predicted that Rhona would have an affair with Kit. Instead, Laurel is savoring their dubbed romance.

This week, Jai finds it difficult to observe Laurel making out with Kit before they kiss.

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