Seven massive Coronation Street spoilers as Fiz Stape ties the knot with Phill Whittaker

This week, PHILL Whittaker is prepared to make a lifelong commitment to Fiz Stape as a result of his affection for her.

Will the wedding of the pair proceed without a hitch? Learn the details about all the Coronation Street action this week.

  1. Phill’s ex shows up

Every wedding is a special occasion, but when the happy couple resides in Weatherfield, some minor mayhem is to be expected.

Phill Whittaker and Fiz Stape (played by Corrie icon Jennie McAlpine) might have firsthand experience with it.

Jamie Kenna, a Phill celebrity, has guaranteed that an unforeseen development will disturb the serenity.

As Phill’s ex-wife Camilla makes her debut appearance this week in the ITV serial, the couple is preparing for their big day.

Coming up, Phill’s mother Mimi (Margot Leicester) recently made a return to the Street and suffered a self-inflicted injury while residing there.

Evelyn Plummer, a character played by Maureen Lipman, believes Mimi is fabricating her injuries and suspects she may be attempting to sabotage the wedding.

When Mimi ruins Hope Stape’s bridesmaid dress and attributes it to Cerberus, things take a turn for the worse.

Evelyn gets angry since she doesn’t think her dog is to blame for the occurrence, and a fight develops.

Fiz’s refusal to give Phill’s mother the benefit of the doubt infuriates Phill, but Camilla’s entrance spooks the couple even more.

Phill and Fiz are shocked when a stunning woman jumps out of her car to introduce herself at their wedding site.

The woman is none other than Camilla, Phill’s previous wife (played by Louise Marwood of Emmerdale).

Phill is perplexed and ponders Camilla’s initial decision to show up.

He promptly reassures Fiz that Camilla won’t pose a threat to their impending nuptials and that he can’t wait to marry her.

On their wedding day, another ex-flame might have a surprise for them.

  1. Fiz makes a shocking confession

Fiz is adamant about making sure that nothing ruins the ceremony despite the difficult start to the wedding day.

Surprisingly, this requires her to be open with her old partner Tyrone Dobbs about her feelings (Alan Halsall).

But what if the opposite happened?

Fiz contacts Tyrone at the garage and confesses her love for him, but as Jennie McAlpine made clear, there’s one thing stopping them from getting back together.

After their shared past, the character makes it plain that she can no longer trust Tyrone, especially in light of his relationship with former inhabitant Alina Pop.

Fiz affirms that she feels safe in her decision to marry Phill now that she is free from her own emotions.

Tyrone is still shaken by her shocking confession, but he vows to break the news to her before it’s too late.

Later on, as the wedding is about to begin, Tyrone gives Fiz a pair of Vera’s old earrings.

He sits down beside Evelyn, and the wedding begins.

Will he attempt to win the lady he loves back or will he choose to keep quiet always?

  1. Stephen takes control of Audrey’s money

After Audrey Roberts’ (Sue Nicholls) accident, the Platt family is currently experiencing tension.

The hairdresser now has another person to rely on with the return of her son Stephen Reid (played by Todd Boyce), but the rest of her family won’t be happy when he seizes control of all of her financial resources.

Audrey is released from the hospital this week, but it’s evident she hasn’t learnt her lesson because she’s determined to go to the Rovers to celebrate.

Gail (Helen Worth), who is aware of her mother’s drinking addiction, worries that she might endanger her life once more.

When Audrey, who is also bringing Stephen, asks for a family gathering at Number 8, she experiences a different kind of shock.

Gail and Audrey’s grandson David (Jack P. Shepherd) are informed by Audrey that she has updated her will as a result of her close encounter with death.

Later scenes take place in the Bistro, where David and Sarah (Tina O’Brien), Audrey’s sister, care over Audrey in an effort to secure a sizable portion of her riches.

The latter makes a significant statement and states that she plans to donate her estate to WARTS, the Weatherfield Association of Retail Traders, in honor of her late husband Alf Roberts.

Family members are not pleased with this, especially David who wants to obtain power of attorney over her finances.

Audrey is enraged as the Platt family is gathering in the Rovers.

She affirms her affection for them and tells them she would leave them her money.

Stephen, though, will act as trustee for her wealth.

Although Stephen will be relocating to Grasmere Drive with Audrey to take care of her, David will still get to see his uncle more often, much to David’s horror.

4. Steve is conned

Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson), who had his daughter Amy accidently spiked, stepped away from the controversy on the cobblestones.

But when Amy tells her father that No. 1’s ceiling is leaking, she has some unpleasant news for him.

Steve, furious, accuses Jacob’s cowboy burglar friend of botching the roof repairs.

Later, Steve is cornered by Ed Bailey (Trevor Michael Georges), who informs him that No. 3 Coronation Street’s roof is also leaking.

Tracy (Kate Ford) advises Steve to seek professional assistance rather than attempt the roof repair on his own.

When Steve drops off Viv, he is in luck because she reveals that her spouse is a roofer.

Vivian offers to send him on round No. 1 to get a quote on the work.

Arnie, the roofer, arrives and says he can begin right away after inspecting the roof, but it will cost Steve £3k and payment must be paid in full.

Despite Tracy’s worries, Steve chooses to give the money to Tracy since he is an optimist.

As soon as Arnie the roofer fails to show up at No. 1 again, he realizes his error.

Tracy reprimands him for bribing the man, but things get even worse when John the scaffolder approaches No. 1.

Steve is perplexed by his request for an upfront payment, which is similar to Arnie’s.

Steve cries out in an attempt to justify his payment and the fact that he was informed the scaffolding was included in the price.

The cab driver realizes the truth when John corrects him and informs Steve that this was never the case.

  1. Stu gets drunk at work

In other places, Stu Carpenter (Bill Fellows) has discovered stability after a life of squalor, mostly because to his job at Speed Daal.

But this week, the chef will put everything at risk.

Coming up, a dejected Stu demonstrates a package to Yasmeen and informs her that the new owners of his daughter’s home have returned it to him.

Later scenes where Yasmeen leaves Stu and her grandson Zeedan (Qasim Akhtar) in charge of Speed Daal for the day demonstrate how much Stu is suffering.

Stu sneakily takes a sip from his flask as Zeedan leaves into the kitchen.

Later, Zeedan is surprised to discover an inebriated Stu engaging in drinking games with a group of noisy males at a table.

Could the audience finally learn more about his past?

  1. Toyah is at odds with Saira

After Imran Habeeb’s death, Toyah Battersby, the subject of a murder investigation, takes a dangerous step to obtain his ashes.

This is because Saira, the mother of the deceased solicitor (Kim Vithana), withheld them because she no longer trusted her daughter-in-law.

In the near future, Saira and Toyah will cross paths in Victoria Garden. The young widow says she would like to keep part of Imran’s ashes with her.

But she suffers a severe setback when Saira confides in her that she has already buried the ashes after learning all about Toyah’s relationship with old boyfriend and returning resident Spider Nugent.

Saira goes a step farther and asserts that Toyah intentionally crashed her automobile in order to kill Imran.

Will Toyah go to any lengths to obtain her husband’s ashes?

7. Aaron impresses Kevin

This week, Summer Spellman’s situation might be improving as her potential love interest Aaron (James Craven) gets a job in Kevin Webster’s (Michael Le Vell) garage.

Aaron notices a classic automobile on the garage forecourt this week.

Aaron makes the unwelcome suggestion that Kevin’s difficulty in diagnosing the problem may be caused by a blown gasket, which makes the mechanic furious.

Kevin is forced to retract his statements when Aaron is shown to be correct, much to his astonishment.

As a result, Kevin extends an invitation to Aaron and promises to mentor him in mechanic skills.

Aaron tells Summer with delight that thanks to his new employment, they can now go on vacation without having to go close to a beach.

The reassurance encourages Summer, who has struggled with her body image, to take her insulin.

Could the drama around her health finally be over?

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