Seven huge Emmerdale spoilers as Liv Flaherty gets in trouble for her mother Sandra

Even if Liv Flaherty has been able to find happiness for months, may there still be problems in the works for her?

Her mother Sandra was trailed to Emmerdale by a perilous stranger. Learn the details of all the drama this week.

1. Liv gets in danger

Recently, actress Joanne Mitchell returned to her part in the Yorkshire-based soap opera as Sandra Flaherty visited her daughter.

Sandra hadn’t seen Liv Flaherty (Isobel Steele’s character) since the two of them partied and drank together at a campground in 2021.

Sandra says she’s prepared to clean up her act and give up drinking, even if she was not present during Liv’s most recent struggles, which included a period spent in jail.

Liv is willing to assist, but doing so might be quite expensive.

The barista at Hide Bistro learned this week that her mother owes Terry $4000.

Liv and Vinny Dingle hear Sandra’s argument, and she assures them that Terry has been exploiting her.

Sandra is forced to block Terry’s phone when Liv agrees to let her stay with them, but Liv feels that her mother is still keeping something from her.

She and Vinny eventually question if they can even believe what Sandra says them as a result of this.

The couple is scared when a scary Terry barges into their home, confronts Sandra, and demands his money back.

Sandra is under constant pressure from Terry to return his money, but Liv steps in and offers to cover the entire amount.

Later, in the Village Hall, Vinny confides in Liv that he worries that her scheme to aid Sandra might go awry.

Could he have cause for concern?

2. Moira makes a shock discovery

Another Emmerdale mother is scrambling to learn the truth about her deceased daughter in the meanwhile.

Moira Dingle has moved on after Holly’s drug overdose death six years ago, but she still struggles with regret and sadness over the tragedy.

Suzy Merton, who will soon appear, causes the farmer’s old wounds to reopen.

This week, Priya Sharma and Suzy eagerly get ready for the Hop and Take A Vow showcase, but they are unaware that a picture of Holly Barton on the day she passed away is included in their slideshow.

Later, when the image appears during Belle Dingle and Jai Sharma’s presentation, Moira starts pestering Suzy for further details.

When Suzy realizes that Moira recognized Holly’s clothing as the one she wore the day she passed away, she is trapped.

The farmer is in need of explanations, but when Suzy lies, her dreams are dashed.

However, a different villager might correct the record.

3. Suzy is exposed

Vanessa Woodfield (Michelle Hardwick) observes as Moira is adamant on getting Suzy to tell her all she knows about Holly’s death.

Suzy’s deception is recognized by the local veterinarian, who challenges her to be honest.

Suzy then confides in her and relates in detail what happened the night Holly passed away.

When Moira finally shows up, the two start to worry that she could have heard their talk.

Vanessa is upset to see Suzy accept Moira’s apology after she apologizes for her earlier outburst because it is clear that Suzy is unwilling to tell her the truth.

What will Vanessa decide when Suzy asks her to keep her secret?

Could it cause them to become estranged?

4. Dawn buys a child

In other news, Olivia Bromley’s character Dawn Taylor returns to the spotlight this week after assisting Gabby Thomas in her search for Jamie Tate and becoming a target of serial killer Meena Jutla.

The receptionist learns that Beth, her best friend, overdosed and died.

Dawn is first undecided about going to the funeral, but her husband Billy Fletcher (Jay Kontzle) eventually persuades her to go and show her respects.

After the funeral, Dawn meets up with another friend named Jade where they both reminisce on the past.

She then decides to return to Jade’s, but when she gets there, she discovers a young girl named Clemmie living in her friend’s dilapidated home (Mabel Addison).

Jade, who is under the influence of drugs, tells Dawn that she is Beth’s daughter, and Clemmie claims she is unaware that her mother passed away.

Dawn becomes even more uneasy when a perilous man enters and offers to take Clemmie home for protection in an effort to aid her before demanding payment in return.

After Dawn gives them some money, the couple returns to the community, and Billy is startled to see them.

Dawn declines Billy’s entreaties to call social services, despite his husband’s pleading.

He finally agrees to let Clemmie spend one night with them.

Will Dawn be persuaded to act morally?

Or maybe she’s driven to break the law to protect Clemmie by her horrific history with her son Lucas.

5. Noah terrorises Gabby

Since Noah Dingle was imprisoned for following and terrorizing Chloe Harris, weeks have passed.

But while he’s in jail, he seems to be reminded of his crush for Gabby Thomas and starts making her the target of his attention.

The wicked teen issues a visiting order to the young mother this week.

Gabby is outraged and tosses the request in the trash after recalling her own terrible experience with Noah when Jamie Tate hired him to spy on her.

But the request is picked up by someone in the area.

6. Amelia takes action

Amelia Spencer was brought inside the Home Farm by babysitting for Gabby Thomas.

This indicates that she finds Noah’s request for a visit in the trash and decides to meet the disturbed child, on whom she has a crush.

Amelia takes things a step further and swipes Gabby’s ID when she realizes she will need it during the visit.

Noah is astonished to see Amelia inside the prison.

What will she divulge to him?

7. Nicola takes control

Mental healing from her assault is still ongoing for Nicola King (Nicola Wheeler).

She is aware that she will need to discuss the impact the incident has had on her mental health when her husband Jimmy is prepared to return home.

When Jimmy overhears Nicola’s confession, he is horrified and chooses to be there for her. At first, Nicola tries to escape the subject by going to work at the café.

Nicola soon publishes the footage of her attack and makes an information request after feeling stronger as a result of his backing, but Jimmy isn’t persuaded.

As Nicola becomes more determined to bring the teenage females responsible for her mugging to justice, the video draws more attention.

Nicola quickly learns the name of one of her attackers, shocking her sister Bernice in the process.

With the latest information, Nicola calls PC Swirling. Could she exact revenge on the girls?

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