Seven explosive Emmerdale spoilers as Leyla Cavanagh risks her life in horrific drug plan

Leyla Cavanagh’s biggest concern this week is money because Take A Vow is having trouble with business.

The Emmerdale wedding planner becomes involved in a risky scheme with dealer Callum out of need for money. Learn the facts.

1. Leyla makes a horrific decision

Leyla Cavanagh is unable to leave the drug trade despite being caught with cocaine by David Metcalfe in the act.

This week, while her cocaine dealer Callum visits the titular village, Roxy Shahidi’s wedding planner accepts a dubious bargain.

The main cause of this is her mounting financial load, particularly in light of the fact that Kim Tate sacked her.

When Callum arrives at Take A Vow to offer Leyla to store narcotics in exchange for money, she is initially horrified.

Leyla accepts his offer while being aware that she is going too far since she is determined to fix her financial situation.

The next day, Callum shows up once more, this time with a far bigger bag of cocaine than she had agreed to keep.

However, Callum knows how to reach her and offers to pay her more, giving her few choices.

When Suzy Merton (Martelle Edinborough) sees Callum outside Take A Vow, she asks him if Leyla is still scoring and is taken aback by his response.

They have no idea that Matty Barton (Ash Palmisciano) is lurking nearby, believing he is seeing Suzy and Callum engage in drug dealing.

And things will get out of hand because he intends to hold Suzy accountable for her role in Holly’s death.

2. Matty gets revenge

Later on, when Matty examines Take A Vow, he is astonished to discover a sizable holdall filled with drugs.

In a fit of panic, Matty takes the bag and flees before dropping the drug-filled bag inside Suzy’s vehicle.

However, Matty is furious to learn that Suzy traveled after rekindling her romance with Vanessa Woodfield when he attends Rhona Goskirk’s hen celebration.

The latter even got her to swear she had given up using drugs and threatened to break things off with one more accident.

Suzy is informed that she is not welcome in the Dales by a furious Matty.

While Matty phones the police to report the narcotics Suzy has in her car, Suzy drives off because she doesn’t want to stir up any more problems than she already has.

Matty thinks Suzy will eventually pay for her actions and that her relationship with Vanessa will be ruined.

Leyla, meanwhile, is agitated when she realizes the medications are gone.

Callum informs Leyla that if she doesn’t locate the missing medications by the end of the day, he won’t be held accountable for his conduct.

3. Priya gets sacked

After being sacked by Kim Tate as her wedding planner, Leyla already has too much on her plate. Her financial problems are now her main concern.

But this week, Priya Sharma, played by Fiona Wade, is the one who suffers as a result of her poor financial management.

Although Priya has mostly stayed out of the action in the titular village, she had a difficult start to 2022 after suffering severe burns in October 2021.

She relapsed into her eating issue as a result of the incident, but she overcame it.

Priya is heartbroken to learn that Leyla will be letting her go from Take A Vow this week.

How will she handle it?

4. Faith steals from her ex

While she still has the chance, Faith Dingle wants to live life to the fullest without undergoing chemotherapy.

She goes to extraordinary lengths to steal from one of her former partners as a result, which could put her in legal trouble this week.

Coming up, Chas is suspicious when she observes Nate Robinson leaving with her mother while she is dressed up (Jurell Carter).

When Nate inquires about their plans, Faith refuses to disclose anything.

But ultimately she confesses and tells how she intends to reclaim something from her stepdaughter’s house. as they converse in front of an unnamed residence.

Despite his misgivings, Faith manages to blag her way inside Angus’ house, making Nate feel even more uncomfortable.

However, he quickly realizes who Faith truly is and orders her to leave.

Nate is frustrated by his mysterious grandma, but Faith takes it in stride and promises to return for what is rightfully hers.

The next day, Nate brazenly declines to assist Faith in carrying out her plan to return to Angus’.

Again, Faith doesn’t let this stand in her way as she departs in his vehicle.

When Faith appears at Angus’ house dressed as a real estate agent and claims to be a photographer, Angus is taken aback.

Unable to recognize her, he invites her inside.

Soon Cain (Jeff Hordley) and Nate arrive to help her, and when they witness Faith dashing out of Angus’ with a stolen bag, they can’t believe their eyes.

But when Angus recognizes Nate from the day before and realizes the thief must be Faith, the game is up.

When Faith considers a successful day’s work, Chas, Nate, and Cain are pleased with the box of memories she has recovered.

The group erupts in laughter as Cain and Chas recall their youth while looking through Faith’s box.

Could Faith, though, end up in serious trouble?

5. Dawn makes a shock discovery about Clemmie

Dawn learns a shocking fact about Clemmie and is devastated as Clemmie dies as a result of PC. Dawn Taylor, who receives a call from Harriet Finch to Social Services, is astounded to learn the girl’s biological father.

Everything starts when Olivia Bromley’s character causes her father Will to become concerned (Dean Andrews).

Soon after, he advises her to call social services to inquire about the child, and Dawn is resolved to heed his counsel.

In subsequent scenes, Dawn surprises her husband Billy Fletcher by revealing that her ex-partner Alex is Clemmie’s biological father (Liam Boyle).

This implies that Alex, who also happens to be the father of her son Lucas, was with Beth while they were dating.

Dawn is incensed by the betrayal, but the next day, she comes to terms with Alex’s adultery since she believes Clemmie and Lucas belong together.

Dawn, who is crying, is astonished when Billy tells her that he called social services and they requested custody of Clemmie.

Dawn is surprised by this because Billy was the one who first suggested giving Clemmie to social services, and she is appreciative of his change of heart.

Dawn’s expectations are dashed, though, when social services make it plain that Alex’s permission is required in order to obtain custody of Clemmie.

Dawn recognizes Billy’s validity when he insists that they need at the very least make an effort to persuade Alex to give them custody of the young girl.

The following day, the two run see Alex in prison, and he is surprised to learn that they are fully aware of Clemmie.

Billy immediately scolds Alex for his decision after Alex flatly declines to let Dawn and him foster Clemmie.

Dawn is happy when he changes his mind.

Can he truly be trusted, though, as he flashes a smug smile?

6. Lydia crumbles under pressure

As previously noted, Kim Tate (played by Claire King) just sacked Leyla Cavanagh as her wedding planner.

She now needs Lydia Dingle (Karen Blick) to take control as a result of this.

Lydia quickly overextends herself because arranging weddings isn’t one of her strengths.

Coming up, the strain becomes too much for her, and Will is forced to seek the help of experts.

Could Leyla reclaim her position?

7. Mary gets the wrong idea

Mary Goskirk (Louise Jameson) thinks she has found romance in the person of Vanessa Woodfield somewhere in the community (Michelle Hardwick).

Rhona, Mary’s daughter, who had a hard time embracing her sexuality, recently learned that her mother is a lesbian.

Mary confides in Vanessa this week about her sexual orientation since Vanessa can relate to what she’s been through.

But as Mary moves in to kiss the vet, her goodwill is seen as something else.

How will Vanessa react, especially given how devoted she is to Suzy?

What matters more is how Rhona will respond when Mary tries to kiss her best friend.

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