Second Coronation Street exit in weeks ‘revealed’ as fans may recognise new arrival

New spoilers indicate that Weatherfield might be facing a second exit in the coming weeks. As she gets ready to bid farewell to her daughter Miley for a second time on Coronation Street, fans will witness Faye Windass attempting to hide her true emotions.

In March, the young girl and her father Jackson visited the cobblestones once more. After moving back from Canada with their daughter after several years away, Jackson had been attempting to get in touch with Faye. After the two teenagers shared a bed at a party, Faye and Jackson became pregnant, and Miley was born in 2015.

Jackson gained custody of Miley and moved home with his parents in Canada since Faye thought she couldn’t care for Miley given her and Jackson’s young age. Faye stated she didn’t want anything to do with Jackon and Miley because she was plainly alarmed by their homecoming.

Faye, on the other hand, decided she, too, wanted to be back in Miley’s life after learning that her father, Tim Metcalfe, had met with his granddaughter without her knowledge. The Ellie Leach-played heroine in the ITV soap opera struggled to combine her new life with partner Craig Tinker with her previous one with Jackson and Miley.

She even gave Jackson a kiss after he accepted Craig’s spontaneous proposal, and Jackson later told Craig that Faye wanted to be with him. Faye, however, suppresses her feelings when Miley expresses how much she will miss her at the precinct the following week. Faye is under pressure from Miley to relocate to Slough with them.

Craig, however, throws Faye in the Rovers another curveball by informing her that he has been assigned a secondment with CID. When Gary, her brother, questions Faye about her feelings for Jackson, she says that he tried to kiss her. Jackson, though, is adamant that she loves Craig and won’t accept it.

Jackson and Faye are coerced into a conversation by Gary into the furniture store. Jackson warns Faye that she is making the worst mistake of her life by choosing Craig over him. Craig is surprised to see his family and friends at the cafe when he shows up for a surprise party to celebrate his secondment. Craig dials Faye’s phone after realizing that she and Jackson are both missing.

He goes over when he hears it ringing in the furniture store. Faye tells Jackson to hide under a desk as Craig enters the store after she hears him approaching. Can he locate Faye?

It happens after Fiz Dobbs’ departure from the street this week was officially announced. The Underworld machinst will be shown packing her luggage and leaving her family behind in subsequent scenes after being offered a new job.

Watchers of the ITV soap opera will see Stephen Reid offer the Underworld machinist a supervisor position, informing her it would pay twice as much as her current wage but be located in Norwich. Packing her bag for Norwich, Fiz. Izzy Armstrong and Kirk Sutherland assist Fiz in the factory as Evelyn Plummer and the girls bid her farewell as she departs with Tyrone for the train station.

Fans shouldn’t worry too much, though, since Jennie McAlpine, who joined the long-running serial opera back in 2001, is unlikely to go permanently. The soap opera star recently announced she was expecting her third child, and she indicated she would give birth around Easter on Loose Women.

But there will also be a newcomer. The following week, Brian and Mary are waiting for Brian’s cousin Isabella at the tram stop. Brian is shocked to see an elegant Italian woman appear. Flaminia Cinque will reportedly portray the role.

The 58-year-old has voiced characters like Lillian Gopher and Merv Wombat in Gophers!, Flamingo in Tinga Tinga Tales, and Ester in the children’s animated television series Thomas & Friends. She has also appeared as three separate characters in three different episodes of Casualty. In the BBC miniseries Man in an Orange Shirt, she played Rita. Additionally, she has acted in the movies Holy Cannelloni, Leap Year, Mr. Bean’s Holiday, and Brothers of Italy.

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