Sarah Jayne Dunn claps back at mum shamers who criticise her ‘sexy’ pictures

After leaving disgruntled Hollyoaks to launch a career on OnlyFans, where she publishes intimate photographs with admirers, model and actress Sarah Jayne Dunn has been accustomed to receiving varied reactions.

The former Mandy Richardson star, who embraces body positivity, has made encouraging women a priority in her modeling career.

That’s why she refuses to be stigmatized for dressing’sexily’ for photos while being a mother.

Why shouldn’t mothers be able to love their bodies as well? She expresses her disagreement.

Sarah Jayne has no patience for remarks that look down on her or label her as reckless, and she has revealed exclusively to’s new sex-based podcast Smut Drop how she handles any hate she receives.

‘You’re an older woman, and I’m trying to embrace that and flip the conversation on that as well,’ she told presenters Jackie Adedeji and Miranda Kane.

‘However, just because you’re a mother doesn’t mean you can’t dress sensually or be confident in your own skin.’ And I believe it is critical to get the word out about it.’

She accomplishes this by using the photographs that subscribers pay for, but she is picky about the types of feedback she accepts.

“You’re a mother, how can you do this?” is one of the most common unfavorable remarks I’ve received. “How come you’re doing this?” says the narrator. Sarah Jayne says in the candid talk that this is the one that bothers her the most.

‘I don’t purchase or respond to those types of comments.’ Because I don’t want that negativity to be reflected on other individuals, I usually just block and delete. As a result, I simply throw it away.

I don’t get involved in Twitter or Instagram debates, but I found myself thinking, “I want to say something.” Why, exactly?

You don’t become a mother out of nowhere and then say, “All right.”

“Right, I’m going to have to keep my skirts below the knee, hide my cleavage, and refrain from being sexual.” And it’s like, “Well, you were sexual in the first place!”

In fact, becoming a mother has made Sarah Jayne more self-assured about her physique than she has ever been.

‘Becoming a mother has taught me to appreciate and cherish my sexuality and my body more, because I’ve learnt so much about it and am in awe of it,’ she reflected.

‘I believe it is critical to convey that message and to restore the power of women and moms to be sexual, powerful, and self-assured.’

‘What’s the harm in trying?’

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