Ryan Connor gets tragic news after acid attack in Coronation Street

Ryan Connor was traumatized and injured as a result of the horrific acid attack that Daisy Midgeley’s stalker ordeal descended into.

As he recovers from the assault, Ryan Prescott’s character from Coronation Street receives sad news.

When the unstable character tried to make the bartender pay for not giving him the attention he sought from her, the Bistro waiter intervened between Justin Rutherford and Daisy Midgeley.

After being duped by Daisy, Justin (played by Andrew Still) was taken into custody, but Ryan still has a long way to go because the attack will change his life.

The next week on ITV, Ryan will continue to heal in the hospital after the incident as Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard) attends Justin’s plea hearing.

When Justin enters a not guilty plea, the Weatherfield instructor is taken aback and prepares to tell the news to Daisy (Charlotte Jordan), who was unable to attend the session.

Later, she phones the hospital to give Ryan (Sair Khan), who is hurt, and Alya Nazir (Sair Khan), an update.

The server at the Bistro acknowledges that the prospect of having to repeat his nightmare in court is absolutely terrifying him, but Alya reassures him that she would be by his side during the entire process.

Daisy brings Crystal to visit Ryan in the hospital in an effort to encourage him and build up his confidence.

He expresses gratitude to her for inviting Crystal and explains that talking about gigs in Ibiza, where he had intended to settle before his acid incident, offers him something to think about and anticipate.

As hospital staff won’t let Ryan go until he has seen his injuries, Ryan needs a lot of assistance.

Next week, with help from Carla Connor (Alison King), he manages to do it.

However, the surgeon informs him that he needs a skin transplant because his recovery is not progressing as they had planned when he turns to look at his face.

To top it all off, Daisy admits to Daniel that she is unable to break the news to Ryan that Crystal no longer desires their relationship.

When Daisy and Carla enter Ryan’s room and find him missing and his backpack missing, they give everyone the scare of a lifetime.

Ryan is finally discovered by the tram stop, severely traumatized, after a search party is organized.

When Ryan’s skin graft is complete, he starts to battle with how people perceive him. How will he handle this?

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