Rufus missing in Coronation Street after blackmailing killer Stephen

Businessman Rufus Donahue (Steve Meo), who was last seen with Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) on Wednesday, April 12, unexpectedly vanished, raising suspicions that the Coronation Street killer may have struck again.

When Rufus blackmailed Stephen into handing him 50% of the factory’s Nippersnapper revenues in exchange for keeping his secret—namely, that Stephen had poisoned Underworld boss Carla Barlow (Alison King)—as the ITV soap resumed, Stephen was outraged.

Stephen was compelled to concur, but he forewarned Rufus that this wouldn’t be the last time he triumphed.

Designer Michael Bailey (Ryan Russell), who was introducing Gazette reporter Suki (Laura Littlewood), stopped them when Rufus inquired if this posed a threat. However, poor Michael was upset when Stephen denied him the chance to participate in the thrilling interview.

Rufus called Michael after having already given him an offer of employment in London, and Michael accepted the invitation to meet with him at the rental property. Following his exuberant announcement, Michael informed his dad Ed (Trevor Michael Georges) and uncle Ronnie (Vinta Morgan) of the good news.

When Stephen arrived at the Rovers for a drink, he yelled at Michael for running off from the factory.

Before resigning, Michael called Stephen “a smug, arrogant melt” and said he would be contacting Rufus later to discuss a job.

Paul Foreman (Peter Ash) was skulking outside the house, trying to take Rufus’s automobile to make shady money in the midst of his health concerns, while Rufus was unwinding while participating in online meetings.

When Rufus opened the door to a knock at the door, he asked the unknown caller, “What the hell are you doing here?” and then managed to take the keys and drive the car away.

When Michael showed up for their meeting, the music was still playing inside the home, but Rufus hadn’t returned his voicemail, which Michael had left for him. Has Rufus been killed by Stephen? Rufus’s fate might have be known to viewers who read spoilers ahead of time, but what precisely happened?

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