Ruby Haswell Emmerdale: What happened and where is actress Alicya Eyo now?

What happened to Ruby Haswell in Emmerdale and what else has actress Alicya Eyo been in?

Viewers of Emmerdale will recall that Alicya Eyo’s Ruby Haswell first appeared on the serial in 2011 to join her boyfriend Ali and her two children, Sean and Amelia.

Over the years, she took part in some major plotlines, such as Ali’s ex-boyfriend Dan Spencer’s arrival, her relationship with her homophobic mother, and their 2014 wedding.

However, who played Ruby in Emmerdale and what happened to her? This is what we do know:

What happened to Ruby Haswell in Emmerdale?

The explosion caused a gas canister to hit a helicopter, sending it flying into the Village Hall, where the wedding reception was taking place.

Later, Dan and Kerry Wyatt discovered Ruby covered in debris, her stomach sliced by the helicopter’s propeller.

Chrissie Sugden’s unintentional explosion at Pete Barton and Debbie Dingle’s wedding in 2015 tragically resulted in Ruby’s death.

Despite Dan and Kerry’s best efforts to assist her, Ruby passed away from her wounds, and a bench was erected in her honor in the village.

Where is Alicya Eyo now?

Alicya, now 47, was compelled to check herself into rehab for drinking after playing Ruby on the serial opera.

The actress acknowledged that after leaving, she found it difficult to adapt and eventually lost everything.

In 2021, Alicya remarked on a podcast: “In 2017, I reached a stage in my life when, after leaving Emmerdale and going through a relationship breakup, I essentially went to drink, which wasn’t ideal.

“As a result, I was able to lose everything, even myself. That was the primary factor.So I visited the most incredible rehab center in Liverpool, Transforming Choice. They aided in my understanding of my motivations.

If I’m being honest, those three months were both the best and the worst of my life. I was a little nervous about going to rehab and having people find out who I am.

“I believe that is the reason I delayed, and I did delay it for a considerable amount of time just for that reason.

“That I would be recognized and assessed by others. However, the facility I visited there was completely judgment-free. It was outstanding. They helped me feel comfortable discussing it freely.

Alicya received her big break in 2003 when she played Denny Blood in the television series Bad Girls. She has since gone on to act in Doctors, Casualty, and The Bill.

She recently appeared in the new seasons of The Syndicate, Waterloo Road, and the Channel 5 prison drama Clink.

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