Ronnie Bailey betrays his own brother in shock Coronation Street plot

ED and Ronnie Bailey have decided to start a business together, but a discovery concerning Aggie could make a commotion.

Vinta Morgan’s cruel character in Coronation Street stabs his own brother in the back next week.

Ronnie Bailey has a reputation for being ruthless on the ITV serial, and he could cause a schism within his own family next week.

As previously stated, the siblings decide to form a new firm after previously collaborating on a real estate project.

After showing him a site that would be excellent for their plans, Ronnie is taken aback when Ed (Trevor Michael Georges) says it’s a big job that won’t pay off for several years.

After his nephew Michael Bailey (Ryan Russell) is attacked by Dean Turnbull (Anthony Crank), a resurrected villain, Ronnie criticizes his brother’s lack of drive on a whole new level.

Next week, the drug dealer comes to the cobblestones to make amends with Cassandra Plummer for a previous offense.

Cassandra Plummer momentarily left Weatherfield to pursue sobriety after struggling with drug addiction, as regular viewers of the Manchester-based drama will recall.

After the attack, Michael tells Ronnie that his mother Aggie frequently experiences similar circumstances.

As a result, a shocked Ronnie uses the knowledge to persuade Ed to support the plan to allow the nurse to retire.

Later on, Ronnie admits to Debbie Webster (Sue Devaney) that he followed her advise and used the funds from the Tavern Mews project to purchase Newton & Ridley shares.

Soon after, Dee-Dee Bailey (Channique Sterling-Brown) intervenes and offers to assist with the administration and accounting for their new company.

While Ronnie conceals his anxiety, Ed is delighted by her offer.

Will taking risks pay off, or will he have to tell his brother the truth?

When Ed learns about Ronnie’s deeds, how will he respond?

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 8 p.m. on ITV, Coronation Street is broadcast.

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