You are currently viewing EastEnders dropped one of its biggest twists in a long time this week, when Rocky’s true identity was unveiled.

EastEnders dropped one of its biggest twists in a long time this week, when Rocky’s true identity was unveiled.

A huge revelation in this week’s episode of EastEnders revealed Rocky to be someone other than he appeared to be.

Rocky was revealed to be Dotty’s uncle Thomas Cotton in the episode that aired on Tuesday night (September 21). Rocky had been hired to defraud Sonia of her inheritance.

Rocky’s admission changed everything after he was detained for vengeance against Sonia’s new love interest Ethan. Frustrated by Rocky’s interference in their plan, Dotty confronted him outside the police station tonight and pleaded with him to stay focused on the goal.

Nevertheless, if we go back to the beginning of the year, we can find a few hints that have been there all along.

Dotty was enraged in April when she realized that Dot had granted Sonia power of attorney in place of her. Rocky showed up one month later, in May. Coincidence? It’s obvious that’s not the case.

As Rocky’s on-screen counterpart Brian Conley has verified, this shock has been planned from the start. In fact, there was a hint in Rocky’s very first episode.

If you look closely, Rocky emerges from the tube in my very first scene. After that, he is in Ruby’s room and is recounting this narrative while Dotty stands behind him.

“That impressed me greatly. Even though it’s been eight months, she was still there in his first scene. What a fantastic story arc!”

When Rocky first came on the scene, fans may recall how much she pushed Sonia, even going so far as to reflect on her own father’s past as a criminal (Nick Cotton).

Dotty needed Sonia to welcome Rocky’s arrival for a reason, and that’s not the last of the hints.

Some of you may have observed that Sonia mentions that she hasn’t mentioned Rocky’s comeback in her life with her mother Carol, who would be fully aware that the con artist isn’t who he claims to be.

Some story holes abound in novels of this complexity, and it’s improbable that Rocky and Dotty’s long-kept secret would last in the real world.

Is it possible that no one else in the family is aware of Rocky’s arrival? In any event, how could Dolly and Rocky have been so sure that this was going to happen? Also, why hasn’t Sonia been posting pictures of her handsome new husband on social media? It’s a little off-putting, but we’ll go with it.

Interestingly, in a scene that has divided fans ever since the twist was revealed, fans may recall that Jack was first reluctant when he encountered Rocky and wasn’t immediately convinced he recognized him during their first meeting.

It was only as an adult that Rocky (a.k.a. Terry or Tom) had ever met Sonia before. Despite this, he was acquainted with Carol’s brother, Jack, when they were both children.

It’s now possible that Jack didn’t recognize Rocky at first – only his name – and only acknowledged him after being prompted.

Regardless of whether or not you picked up on the hints or are perplexed by the apparent plot gaps, this was one of the most surprising turns in the history of EastEnders. And from what we can tell, there will be a lot more.

A big weight has been lifted off my shoulders,” Brian added. “I want everyone to know the truth about Rocky and how the story will end.

“He’s always been charming, amusing, and pleasant, but there’s never been anything more to him. It’s a treat to learn what he’s up to at that location, why he’s done this, and why the whole thing has dragged on for so long as an audience member.

“When I first started, I was acutely conscious. We didn’t know his name or anything like that, but it was one of the reasons they dubbed me Rocky because he’s supposed to be Terry but he’s actually Thomas, and that could get complicated.

Consequently, Rocky was chosen — to my amusement as I could not be more different from Rocky! I found it most difficult to keep it a secret!

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