Rita Simons ex-East-Enders actress has a popular uncle you probably didn’t know about.

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Rita Simons ex-East-Enders actress

Rita Simmons is best known for her role as feisty Roxy Mitchell in EastEnders.

After returning from Ibiza in 2007, the glammed-up cousin of Phil Mitchell descended upon Albert Square with sister Ronnie.

During her time in Walford, the blonde beauty had many ups and downs, including a series of unsuccessful romances, inheriting £3 million after her father Archie was murdered by Stacey Slater, and giving birth to daughter Amy with Jack Branning.

Roxy, along with Ronnie, died tragically on New Year’s Day 2017, just hours after Ronnie and Jack married.

In the months leading up to her death, the character had suffered with opioid addiction and had asked Ronnie and Jack to adopt her daughter Amy.

Rita has gone on to star in the reality show I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! and the film The Krays: Dead Man Walking after her time on EastEnders, and she is now making a name for herself in the London theatre scene.

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She recently revealed that she would star in the London Coliseum production of Hairspray, which will open this summer.

Did you know, however, that she is connected to a well-known celebrity?

Alan Sugar, a television host and businessman, is Rita’s uncle. Lord Sugar is married to Rita’s aunt, Ann Simons, and the two are not related by marriage.

The 44-year-old former soap star previously talked to the Mirror about her friendship with the brash businessman, revealing that he is her uncle and describing him as “much better in real life.”

Rita said: “He’s still straight-talking, but he’s a lot kinder” and “He loves all his grandkids and loves family time.”

The actor said she would sometimes go to Lord Sugar’s house for dinner or to “their place in Marbella” for a summer vacation, but that their interactions were mostly confined to “funerals, weddings, bar mitzvahs, and award ceremonies.”

EastEnders Spoilers: Rita Simons ex-East-Enders actress


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