Red Dwarf return: Craig Charles hints at comeback special ‘We’d like to do more’

Craig from Red Dwarf Charles would like to see the cast reunite for one final interplanetary journey. He exclusively revealed to that the old staff is prepared and ready for the go-ahead.

Craig Charles has rejected the idea of a soap opera revival, but there is one program he has vowed to never abandon.

The new game show host says Red Dwarf gave him his start because he joined the cast of the science fiction comedy before starting his Corrie career in 1988.

The show ended after 12 seasons, but Craig says he would want to see a revival before it’s too late.

The actor hinted to a long-awaited comeback by saying that the entire original cast would be ready to return at the first sign of a go-ahead.

He stated to “Given the situation of the others, we would prefer to do more while we still have the opportunity. The only person with my hair is me.

“Everyone is still there, and we are still in touch.

“I’m hoping we still have at least one more special in us. Time is everything.”

Craig continued by thanking the show for giving him his big break and promising to never turn down producers.

“Red dwarf is the cornerstone of my career, and I wouldn’t turn my back on it,” he declared.

Craig brought to life Red Dwarf, the third technician of the Jupiter Mining Corporation starship, in the role of Dave Lister.

He awakens after spending three million years in limbo in the pilot episode, only to discover that he is the last human still alive.

He quickly learns, though, that he is not the only person trapped in space, and the program follows the technician as he makes friends and makes his way through this strange new environment.

Speaking about the filming schedule, Craig recalls that they were never a simple request, but he will still make one more.

“I have one more trip into space, there is a space bum still in me,” he reflects.

In fact, the sitcom made a 13th special episode return in 2018, setting new ratings records for Dave.

The original ensemble pleased spectators with a two-part spectacle when they reunited for 90 minutes, and at the time they hinted there would be more.
Craig attributes the lack of action to time and hectic schedules, but it remains to be seen if this will be the case.

The actor is busy filming a second season of the Channel 4 game show Moneybags, but he is sure that he will find time to return to Red Dwarf.

In Moneybags, the freshly reformed game show presenter will once again bring his unique style to daytime television as he directs competitors toward the £1 million prize pool.

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