Real life of ITV Corrie’s Roy Cropper actor David Neilson including rarely seen wife and personal story behind iconic shopping bag

Saying that David Neilson is a Coronation Street legend is not an exaggeration. The actor has played Roy Cropper, a beloved character on the ITV soap opera, for an astounding 27 years. In July 1995, the cafe’s proprietor made his first appearance on the cobbles.

He initially shared an apartment in the Crimea Street flats with Deirdre Barlow. After working at Jim’s Café on Rosamund Street for a year, Roy acquired Alma Baldwin’s majority ownership of the company and changed its name to Roy’s Rolls, which it keeps to this day. Roy was at first a “minor character,” but in 1997, he was given a more significant part.

Since then, Roy has been a part of several high-profile plotlines, but his marriage to Julie Hesmondhalgh’s portrayal of Hayley Patterson, the first transgender character in a British soap opera, stands out. There was also the incident where Roy was taken home and placed in Tracy Barlow’s bed after Tracy Barlow drugged his drink at a wedding reception. Hayley was devastated when Tracy revealed she was carrying his kid later.

After the truth was revealed, Tracy’s daughter Amy—whom she has with Steve McDonald—had Roy and Hayley as godparents. Then, in 2010, the law was amended to recognize the couple’s union, and they were subsequently legally wed.

Hayley tragically drank a lethal cocktail to end her life in Roy’s arms in January 2014 after being diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer.

But who is the real person who created the adored character? David had a few more TV appearances before joining Corrie, and in 1991 he even had an appearance on the BBC serial opera EastEnders. In August of that year, he made his Walford debut, playing the part of Mr. Webster, who showed up to Nick Cotton’s house with the intention of purchasing it.

David was a completely different person from how his followers now recognize him, speaking with a cockney accent and with his dark hair pulled back. Along with these shows, David also made appearances in Heartbeat, Casualty, Blue Heaven by Frank Skinner, and Young at Heart.

Fans could be shocked by his musical abilities. The now 73-year-old took adopted the persona of American singer-songwriter Roy Orbison in 2003 when he participated in a celebrity rendition of Stars in Their Eyes. He performed “You Got It” while strumming an electric guitar while sporting a black wig and dark sunglasses.

David worked at a variety of occupations before becoming well-known on television. He dropped out of school at the young age of 15, then went on to Central School of Speech and Drama. He worked a variety of occupations, including that of a plumber and gas fitter, to pay for his schooling in London.

David claimed in a 1996 interview with Mike Plowman: “I’ve held jobs as a bartender, ice cream salesperson, plumber, gas fitter, and plumber. Since I started acting, I have also worked as a theatre director, a playwright, and a drama teacher at RADA, Central, and Rose Bruford.”

And through it all, David has had a unique companion by his side. The Loughborough-born soap opera star and Jane Neilson have been wed for almost 47 years. Daniel, the son of the couple, is a grandfather to two grandchildren.

Although David was only hired for an initial six episodes as Roy, Corrie viewers may be able to credit Jane for his lengthy stay on the show. “Roy exhibited psychopathy. He was a little unnerving as he followed Deirdre. Playing psychos is fun, but they don’t stick around for very long “In 2009, he spoke to the Mirror.

“My wife has experience working with autistic individuals as a special needs teacher. She suggested that Asperger’s syndrome would make Roy socially awkward rather than threatening. In 1995, no one really understood what Asperger’s was, so I owe it to my wife.

“But since Roy is a human being and a label doesn’t help him, it shouldn’t be mentioned in the narrative.

However, I believe he has it. He has an explanation for his actions, and I have a game to play. I like quirky personalities, and Roy is full of them.

Since then, Roy has gained popularity among viewers for a variety of reasons, but his dependable shopping bag has remained by his side constantly. And it turns out that David has a significant secret that he keeps near to him during filming and it is kept in his recognizable bag.

For a personal purpose, David brought the bag to the set. It actually belonged to his late mother, who passed away not long before he accepted the job that would define his career in the 1990s.

He previously told the Mirror that the bag spent many years being used in Loughborough Market. It will soon turn 30 years old. Just before I started on the program, my mother passed away, so I was throwing things out and thought Roy might like them.

“He would frequently knock on Deirdre’s door and inquire as to if she wanted a little shopping, and at first they would give me a carrier bag. But I thought I’d introduce it because you see guys with backpacks like that standing at bus stations. Additionally, it’s really practical for me to transport my scripts in.

Added him: “My mother’s key was likewise on the piece of knicker elastic fastened to the bag. She kept locking herself out, so we secured it to the bag for her. They would have to shatter the glass to get her back in since she was always asking for the cops or the glazier.”

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