Real life of Coronation Street’s Steve McDonald actor Simon Gregson – actual name, haunted home, injury battle and actress wife

Since learning the horrific reality about his daughter Amy Barlow’s spontaneous decision to return home, Steve McDonald has appeared on television a bit more. In the ITV soap opera, the youngster, who was portrayed by Elle Mulvaney, left the apartment she lived with her friend Aaron Sandford after accusing him of rape.

Amy told Tracy that she was raped at 1 Coronation Street some weeks after the incident. Amy responded with a sorrowful statement when Tracy gently inquired as to what had occurred: “He was someone I knew and someone I trusted. I never anticipated that a partner would rape me in my own bed.

Tracy agreed to notify Amy’s father Steve on her behalf, and after he reacted violently and said he intended to pursue Aaron, Tracy said to him, “She’s right – we need to go to the police and let them deal with it.

But once Aaron was freed because there wasn’t enough evidence to charge him, Tracy became upset because she believed her daughter’s police report wasn’t taken seriously enough. After Simon Gregson, who plays Steve, appeared to spend some time away from the camera, the delicate sequences followed.

And it might have been connected to the wound he received. On November 29, a character from the ITV soap opera arrived home after visiting Spain.

With the exception of his wife Tracy, his friends at the bar showed sorrow when he revealed that he had fractured his leg while pursuing a mugger.

But the real cause of everything was actor Simon, who shattered his leg six times in real life and demanded to have it depicted in his Corrie scenes. At the time, he declared, “I’ve fractured my leg. I rolled my ankle outside the back of the house literally just now. It was carried out six times.

Simon also provided an update on his injury while making an appearance on Good Morning Britain last month, explaining that it will still be months before he is fully recovered. “It hurts constantly.

It’s making me crazy,” he declared. “I believe that it will just take some time before it gets better completely,” the speaker said.

“So you’re out of plaster, you can move around a little bit, and you’re obviously sitting down,” host Kate Garraway continued. “But what a problem for you?” Simon responded, “I know, it’s been driving me crazy. I am unable to accomplish the things I usually do, but as I previously mentioned, perhaps in a few more months I will return to A1 condition.

In 1989, more than 30 years ago, Steve hit the Corrie cobbles for the first time. The former tearaway has engaged in his fair share of shady business, but with time, he has evolved into more of a comic figure.

His errors in judgment may possibly be the reason he has remarried so frequently in the soap opera, having done so seven times to five different ladies.

However, Simon’s actual life is considerably dissimilar from his fictional persona. The Kingsway School in Stockport is where the actor was discovered for the part of Steve. When he was only 15 years old, his debut appearance on Corrie aired on December 6, 1989.

He was initially given credit under his own name, Simon Alan Gregory, but after becoming old enough to join Equity, the trade union for British actors, he began using the stage name “Gregson.” Since there was already a member with his true name, he chose Gregson, and it has remained ever since.

Away from business, Simon married Emma Gleave, a former Hollyoaks actress, in 2010. The couple has three sons: Alfie, Henry, and Teddy. The five-member family resides in Cheshire, and Simon just revealed that his house is haunted. He invited paranormal investigator Jayne Harris, psychic medium Ian Lawman, and ghost hunter Barri Ghai to his house in an effort to get rid of the “woman in white” he claims to have seen lurking there.

In an episode of Celebrity Help! My House Is Haunted, Simon talked of a shadowy woman who has been seen wandering the corridors of his house, which is in a wealthy Cheshire neighborhood known as “celebrity central” because of its famous occupants.

He remembered that it crossed one of the upstairs landings from right to left.

Simon took Barri upstairs to his oldest son’s room, which has experienced the most eerie activity throughout the house, where they conducted their research. Emma, Simon’s wife, recalled that this was the first time she had noticed the spectral woman in the long dress wandering the upper rooms. She claimed, “I kind of always see a white figure in the doorway of my small boy’s room.

Simon competed on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! Emma spoke about her husband’s life away from the cameras in 2021, where he finished second.

She revealed that Simon likes to spend his downtime in the gay district of Manchester’s New York bar, where he occasionally dresses up in drag.

And for the ITV show Queens For The Night, which he ultimately won with the help of his drag mentor Myra DuBois, audiences got to see him change into his own drag alter-ego, Bidet Bardot, and saw him look very different while doing so.

The soap star, according to her, is so talented at poetry that he maintains a notebook at the foot of the bed where he can write down rhymes and ideas. Simon’s poetry is a secret, Emma claimed at the time, according to the Sunday Mirror. He puts books at the foot of the bed because “he’s always writing, so when he can’t sleep, he’ll have a dream or a thought and will write it down.”

Emma revealed Simon suffers from a terrible anxiety illness and claimed he has made significant progress since they first met. “Ten years ago there would have been absolutely no way he would have done I’m A Celeb,” the proud wife exclaimed.

We are so proud of him for stepping out into the unknown, which he was extremely scared about, and actually embracing it while appearing so at ease. I was in tears as I watched.

He couldn’t leave the house or go to restaurants when we first started dating since the situation was so horrible. Simon once believed he was having a stroke and going to pass away while we were traveling in our caravan in Anglesey. He collapsed completely, and we had to dial 911. When he arrived at the hospital, they informed him that he had a panic attack.

“Since receiving the anxiety disorder diagnosis, it has completely altered his life,” she continued. He was taking medication, so that’s why he felt the way he did. That caused things to alter for him and allowed him to realize what was wrong. He now talks to a lot of people about it on social media because he enjoys being helpful.

Simon talked out about his and his wife’s harrowing road to being the family they are today after his time on the ITV reality series I’m A Celeb. He related with much emotion how Emma had 11 miscarriages, with one daughter tragically passing away at 21 weeks.

On the Likely Dads podcast, Simon revealed to Tim Vincent: “We lost 11 along the road.

It was awful. First one lasted for 21 weeks. Georgia was 21 weeks along when Emma lost her. Georgia managed to untwist Emma’s tubes while she was still alive, which stunned everyone by how she managed to make it through all of that before passing away.

“But that, as you see, opened the door for Alfie, so we always think of her as an angel. But along the way, we lost a lot of ground. I believe it is due to Emma’s inability to carry daughters for some reason.

When a Corrie storyline addressed baby loss for his character and his then-partner Michelle Connor, played by Kym Marsh, who had tragically lost her son Archie moments after his birth at 21 weeks in February 2009, Simon had to confront his on-screen character going through a similar heartbreak after his real-life experiences.

The worst part, in my opinion, was when they turned it into a plot. They were unaware of what had happened to me, Simon claimed of the plot. “It involved Kym, who had recently lost a kid.

So of course, you know, they asked her if she would participate in the plot, and of course, she didn’t want to see – it’s a prosthetic baby that is amazing and was dressed identically to him, you know, which I believe is what she requested because she wanted the emotions to be real, but it was like this is a one take at a time.

He believed that men were seldom asked how they cope with the loss, but the moving plot compelled him to share his own experience. It was terrible, yeah, but since they were ignorant, all the interviews asked, “How does she feel?” I had to add, “Do you know what, it’s not easy for the guy either.”

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