Queen’s soap visits – Emmerdale explosion, opening Corrie set and ‘not EastEnders fan’

Sovereign Elizabeth II visited the arrangements of the country’s greatest cleansers during her exceptional 70-year rule.

Her Highness died calmly on September 8 at 96 years old and her burial service happens on September 16.

Superstars from across the world have honored the Sovereign directly following her passing.

She visited the arrangements of EastEnders, Crowning ceremony Road and Emmerdale at different places of her profession.

As the Sovereign gets let go, Everyday Star have investigated the times she went to Soapland.

Coronation Street

Back in 1982, Sovereign Elizabeth II showed up on set of Corrie with her significant other Ruler Philip.

The pair official opened the set after creation moved to another outside region.

They visited the eponymous road, meeting show designer Tony Warren, maker Bill Podmore, compose H.V Kershaw as was as different cast individuals.

The occasion was thought about so huge that it was communicated in real time on ITV in an extraordinary show named The Sovereign in Crowning ordinance Road.


Her Highness and Sovereign Philip dare to Albert Square in 2001.

They were given a unique set visit and the encompassing regions by the late Babara Windsor and Wendy Richard, who broadly played Peggy Mitchell and Pauline Fowler separately.

Different individuals from the cast got to meet the Sovereign and was imagined behind the bar of the Sovereign Vic bar with Barbara and Steve McFadden, who plays Phill Mitchell.

Barbara, who died in 2020, said at that point: “I realize she isn’t an EastEnders fan however it’s exquisite she’s here.

“I’m a traditionalist – I love the Sovereign of Grains – and Camilla watches EastEnders.”


After a year, Sovereign Elizabeth II visited the arrangement of Emmerdale in 2002.

She got an extraordinary visit through the ITV cleanser’s set and was displayed around The Woolpack.

The town mailing station was exploded while Her Highness was available as a feature of a storyline.

While entertainer Elizabeth Estensen, who played Diane Sugden, was shocked by the blast, the Sovereign was purportedly unflinching.

“She was completely calm and relaxed when the blast went off” said Marlon Dingle entertainer Imprint Charnock at that point

“Most of us leaped out of our skins.”

Coronation Street

The Sovereign visited Crowning liturgy Road by and by a year ago.

In 2021, she went for a walk down the cobbled roads of Weatherfield and set a portion of the long-serving cast individuals.

She was invited by Sir Peter Bazlegette and John Whiston and communicated with many stars including Bill Raoche, Barbara Knox and Helen Worth.

Her Highness’ visit came only months after the ITV cleanser celebrated 60 years on air.

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