Pregnant Dawn Taylor gets a dark warning about her drug use in Emmerdale

With Billy Fletcher, Dawn Taylor is expecting her first child.

For Dawn Taylor, life has finally begun to turn around, and she is preparing to welcome a second child.

The beloved Emmerdale star receives a dire warning about her previous drug usage, though, as her past comes catching up with her.

After years of living as a prostitute and battling a heroin addiction, Olivia Bromley’s character, a young mother, attempted to get her act together.

Though serial killer Meena Jutla attempted to separate them, after she discovered love in the ITV village in Billy Fletcher (Jay Kontzle), everything eventually fell into place.

After quitting drugs for good, Dawn was able to regain custody of her son Lucas and was allowed to adopt his half-sister Clemmie into her household.

Dawn later discovered she was expecting her first child from her marriage to husband Billy in more recent sequences of the drama set in Yorkshire.

However, any woman experiencing the ups and downs of pregnancy can be extremely distressing, especially if she has previously battled addiction.

Scenes from next week’s episode include Dawn attending a prenatal class as she gets ready to welcome a third child into her happily married family.

She realizes she could relapse, so she is concerned when painkillers are brought up.

Dawn’s addiction may return with a vengeance; how will she handle that?

Billy is caught up in an explosive argument with an unhinged Aaron Dingle (Danny Miller), which exacerbates the situation.

After the children quarrel after a playground tumble and Dawn follows Paddy Kirk’s (Dominic Brunt) thoughtless remark, Aaron provokes Billy.

Once Dawn returns home, she presses Billy and Aaron for the truth, but their antagonism doesn’t stop.

Dawn’s thoughts, meantime, are consumed by the baby shower that her friend Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham) has planned for her.

Billy gets provoked by an enraged Aaron in the shop once more, resulting in a violent altercation that Will Taylor (Dean Andrews) has to break up.

When a bruised Billy gets home, Dawn is not impressed at all. He’s upset that he let Aaron get him into a fight.

Will Dawn’s marriage to Billy be strained by the tension of their feud?

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