Piers Morgan fumes as Coronation Street’s Stu takes swipe at presenter

After Stu Carpenter, a character on Coronation Street, made fun of the Talk TV host, Piers Morgan took to Twitter to criticize the show.

In the show that aired on Friday night, Stu and Yasmeen Nazir talked about a recent piece about Speed Daal’s charitable endeavor in which writer Suki Waters painted the two as being “quite lovey-dovey.”

Said Stu “Can I be frank? Piers Morgan looks more like a Pulitzer Prize winner thanks to Suki.”

The 57-year-old Piers responded to the remark on Twitter by saying, “I’ll deal with this later.”

The comment seemed to amuse several followers, as one person tweeted: “You’ve finally made it big, now forget about Donald Trump. It doesn’t get any better than being named checked on Coronation Street, in my opinion.” [sic]

With a laughing emoji, someone else added: “I bet they are shaking in their boots.”

“You know it’s an honor getting acknowledgment in Corrie whatever the context,” one Coronation Street fan wrote.

Piers criticized the former chancellor Rishi Sunak earlier in the day when he was caught talking about moving money from impoverished metropolitan regions to wealthier communities.

In a video filmed in Tunbridge Wells at the end of last month, the Tory candidate for president declares that the policies of the Labour Party that target the country’s weaker regions “need to be undone.”

To guarantee that “areas like this are getting the funds they deserve,” Rishi informed Tory Party members that he had begun to alter these criteria.

Piers, who tweeted the video, commented: “This is an awful thing for Sunak to say/admit. Who knows what he was thinking.

Lisa Nandy, Labour’s shadow levelling up secretary, also criticized the remarks.

She called the information “scandalous” and claimed it revealed the Tories’ “real colors.” She continued by saying that taxpayer money shouldn’t be used to “bribe” Tory votes.

This is scandalous, Ms. Nandy wrote. Rishi Sunak openly brags that he changed the laws to direct tax dollars to wealthy Tory shires.

We own this money. Instead than being used as a reward to Tory members, it should be distributed honestly and where it is most needed. Speaking of revealing your true colors

The comment, according to Mr. Sunak’s team, had been taken out of context.

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