Phil Tufnell red-faced after confusing Tipping Point host Ben Shephard for co-star

Famous cricketer Phil Tufnell was completely mortified when he mistakenly believed his Question of Sport co-anchor Matt Dawson to be Tipping Point broadcaster Ben Shephard.

The 46-year-old Good Morning Britain host presided over the well-liked daytime programme during a visit to the ITV studios on Sunday and welcomed a number of famous guests for a charity edition of the series.

This week, cricketing icon Phil Tufnell, Emmerdale actress Lisa Riley, and Olympian Colin Jackson all tried their hand at the two pence arcade-style game.

Players compete in the afternoon show to win a £10k prize by correctly answering difficult questions in order to raise money for their preferred charity.

After the athlete revealed which lane he intended to place his counter in, the game show quickly went off track.

“Can I put it in one please Matt?” he said. The studio exploded in laughter as a result of his mistake.

“Where were you for a minute?” Ben questioned. The cricket player said truthfully, “I was back on a Question of Sport – I nearly called you Sue!”

Fortunately, Ben didn’t notice the mistake and continued with the event, which saw the athlete raise more than £3,500 for Cancer Charity UK.

He continued by discussing how he had a personal connection to the organisation because he had lost his mother to the fatal illness when he was a young child and had later developed skin cancer himself.

However, the sportsman lacked the cunning to defeat Colin, who easily advanced to the show’s final round.

It’s fair to say that the last round was tense after Colin successfully pushed the £10,000 counter to the brink before deciding last-minute not to gamble his gains on a final round of three tokens.

He stunned everyone by winning the last token in vain, but when the TV host urged him to play the hypothetical three tokens to see if he could have won the massive money, he lost.

Despite his tragic loss, the celebrity nevertheless managed to raise £7,000 on the popular game show for his charity of choice.

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