Paul Foreman struggles to keep devastating secret in Coronation Street

In-depth time with Paul Foreman is something that Billy Mayhew is looking forward to.

The Coronation Street vicar has no idea that his spouse is fighting to keep a very important secret from him.

The actor playing the builder, Peter Ash, was informed that he might have motor neurone disease and had a life expectancy of fewer than three years.

While waiting for the diagnosis to be confirmed, Paul has been working with Weatherfield gangster Damon Hay on several money-making plans.

Even worse, he has been secretive about his health problems, and among the many people he has kept in the dark is his partner Billy (Daniel Brocklebank).

Next week on ITV, when Billy recommends that they arrange a vacation and offers to pay for it, Paul tries to project a sense of excitement about his ideas.

But he finds it harder and harder to remain silent about his ordeal.

Later, Paul answers a call from his MND specialist in an effort to determine whether or not he actually has the disease.

Billy comes home, so he might have to wait a little longer, which causes Paul to abruptly end the conversation.

Could he tell his spouse the truth about what is actually going on in his life, though?

When George Shuttleworth saw the builder in the cobbles and assumed he was inebriated, Billy already had some suspicions that something wasn’t right with Paul.

By only stating that he is anxious about his sister Gemma Winter’s wedding, Paul has attempted to sidestep Billy’s concerns.

After learning that his time in Weatherfield may be coming to an end, he has already made an effort to assist the mother of four in paying her bills. He has also been eager to find a means to earn as much money as he can so that he can support his family.

Paul claims to have motor neuron disease, but is this true?

Will he ever talk to Billy about it?

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