Paul Foreman discovers how long he has to live in harrowing Coronation Street moment

Paul Foreman is making the most of each day he has left after learning that he had motor neurone disease.

Unfortunately, the Peter Ash-played builder on Coronation Street realizes his time is running out next week on ITV.

The builder is gradually making preparations for his marriage to longtime companion Billy Mayhew after experiencing legal difficulties.

Paul, however, is finding that each day is tougher than the one before it due to the MND diagnosis weighing heavily on his mind and the incapacitating symptoms of his condition.

The following week, Billy observes Paul fumbling with his right leg in the apartment where the flower business is located.

Billy returns home with a walking aid for him despite Paul’s best efforts to hide his dismay at his decline.

Billy recommends a wheelchair as an alternative when Paul acknowledges that getting acclimated to the walking aid will take some time, but he is appalled by the thought.

Later, Paul is overtaken with emotion when Billy gives him an engagement ring for his birthday.

However, he is overwhelmed to see so many people when he arrives at the Bistro for the combined party with his twin sister Gemma (Dolly-Rose Campbell).

Gemma advises that he take Bryn to the park for some exercise.

Paul tries to follow Bryn when he flees but collides with the ground; how will he manage?

Paul admits he can’t handle the stairs when he gets back to the apartment.

Todd Grimshaw, played by Gareth Pierce, is enlisted by Billy.

Paul feels completely embarrassed as they bring him up to the flat.

Paul grudgingly confesses that it might be time for a stair lift after feeling defeated and overburdened.

Later on, Paul gets into the Pride mood and agrees to participate in fancy dress, but he is shocked when Billy and his occupational therapist agree that it’s definitely time for a wheelchair.

When David Platt (Jack P. Shepherd) says that he discovered Paul drinking vodka on a bench, the vicar takes responsibility and says that they had a fight. Paul is upset with Billy.

Billy observes three drag queens assisting Paul in getting out of a taxi and bringing him into the Rovers.

Paul becomes sad as everyone rallies around him because this will be his final Pride.

As his disease gradually takes control, Bernie Winter’s irritable son is slated to make an emotional goodbye from the long-running soap opera.

Paul may eventually experience more severe cognitive and physical changes brought on by MND, including widespread paralysis, speech loss, and trouble swallowing, as he was warned after his initial encounter with medical personnel.

What will happen in Paul’s final seconds on the cobbles?

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 8 p.m. on ITV, Coronation Street is broadcast.

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