Paddy Kirk drops a bombshell on Chas Dingle in Emmerdale

CHAS Dingle has been hoping to patch things up with her husband Paddy Kirk, months after her affair with Al Chapman.

The Woolpack manager receives a huge bombshell from the Emmerdale veteran, Dominic Brunt, that will completely alter everything.

Can Paddy ever put the past behind him?

Chas has been hoping for a reconciliation ever since he started having mental health issues.

Paddy spent time with Chas and Eve as a family as he began to rediscover himself after being the focal point of an emotional and severe mental health tale.

Following a kiss and a hug between the ex-spouses, Chas admitted she had wanted to start over with Paddy and leave the past in the past.

She is shocked, however, when Paddy makes it obvious that he is prepared to turn a fresh leaf in scenes that will run on ITV the following week.

He says he’s spoken to a lawyer regarding their divorce and that he doesn’t see the point in delaying things.

Paddy goes a step further and asks her if she wants to file for divorce jointly.

What will she do?

Could Paddy use this as a chance to revive a different previous romance?

Fans had hopes that Paddy and Mandy Dingle (Lisa Riley) could be reconciling after spending a romantic night together before he disappeared and informed his loved ones he intended to commit suicide.

Mandy tried to be patient and encouraged him to follow his heart, despite her personal feelings towards him, when she found out that he and Chas kissed again.

Will Paddy come to the conclusion that Mandy is his only option?

Another couple in the eponymous village is preparing to wed the following week.

Before their big day, Charity Dingle and Mackenzie Boyd are in for a number of surprises, especially because Chloe Harris is expecting a kid at the same time.

How will everything turn out?

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