OPINION: Emmerdale: What have they done to Harriet? She’s been ruined!

Emmerdale executives have damaged a few ITV soap opera characters over the years, but Harriet Finch takes the cake.

We demand to know why Harriet was so utterly damaged that she can no longer be recognized.

The former police officer who later became a vicar and then a murderer has through a lot of transformation in the last few years.

It seems like a lifetime ago when she used to hang around in the vestry with her numerous crook loves.

She assisted in the murder of bent cop Malone, her lover, and then helped cover up the crime scene by moving the body twice and hiding it.

But the steadfast, compassionate Harriet crumbled to bits.

She formerly had a really good, albeit imperfect, character.

But after her life was ruined, she underwent a metamorphosis.

She is rebuffing creepy Dan Spencer’s attempts now that she is unmarried.

She will, of course, be seduced again by her ex-boyfriend Will Taylor.

She can’t just settle for going back to her previous position as a police officer who has been demoted; she needs a plot.

Let’s not act as though Will and Kim Tate have a wonderful love story.

Another woman, this time a real legend, is being mistreated by the soap opera storytellers.

The two ladies will now face off for Will, according to employers.

On what planet would Kim, a multimillionaire businesswoman and super-scheming monster, desire Will Taylor and a highly clever, honorable professional lady like Harriet?

He was once a drug dealer, yet he seems to have some really amazing hidden skills.

But since Harriet has no longer any agency, she will want to return this gift.

She has lost every quality that made her a compelling character.

She must have suffered quite a bit during the month she spent hidden in the cellar since she is now completely destroyed.

Katherine Dow Blyton can join a show that values her talents if Emmerdale executives solve this or write her out.

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