Newcomer Zack has a surprising new love interest, according to an EastEnders star.

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Newcomer Zack has a surprising new love interest

James Farrar, who recently joined EastEnders as Zack Hudson, has hinted at a potential relationship between his character and Nancy Carter.

Zack was first introduced to the public earlier this month at Gavin Sullivan’s funeral, where he was confirmed to be Sharon’s long-lost brother.

Zack will appear in Walford in the coming scenes, determined to establish a friendship with his sister.

When Nancy returns home to reunite with her family as Zack settles into Walford, it appears that she will catch his eye. After a five-year hiatus, Maddy Hill has returned to her role as Mick and Linda’s daughter.

When asked about a possible love interest for Zack, James told the media that: “There’s a certain blonde who is returning that I have a feeling there might be some friction with.

“Considering a lot of my scenes are with the Carters, I’m sure you’ll be able to guess who that is.”

He continued: “Zack is kind-hearted. He looks after people and he wants to look out for his sister but keeps on messing up along the way.


“There’s a scene coming up which is pretty much Danny [Dyer] and I and the rest are very, very powerful ladies. That friction there you can certainly see it. Zack has his eyes on girls who he wants to seduce mainly but this scene is about him just wanting his sister to be happy.

“What happens prior to that is a little bit fiery between them.”

In answer to a question about who else Zack will be communicating with in the coming weeks, James stated: “There is some stuff with Ruby, though, and Jean. There’s also some stuff with Bobby – he is such a terrific young actor.

“The fact that Gillian and Letitia were in my opening episode was great – long may that continue,” he shared.

“Whether it’s Phil or Kathy or Sharon – I love the history there. Zack has no idea who these guys are or how long they’ve been in Walford or EastEnders.”

He added: “I also just really look forward to working with Tish every day. If I could work with her every day, I would. I don’t know how much you know about Tish but she is incredible. I will thank her until my dying day for how she has treated me.

“We text, we call. She was the first person who text me after my first appearance, saying, ‘You stole the show, you were a sight for sore eyes.’ I really look forward to doing more stuff with her.”

Newcomer Zack has a surprising new love interest

On BBC One on Monday, April 5, Zack’s arrival in Walford will be seen.


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