‘My guardian’: Kelvin Fletcher pays tribute to late Emmerdale legend

The late Clive Hornby was honored by Emmerdale actor Kelvin Fletcher in a heartfelt statement, who called him a “genuine guardian.”

After 20 years of participation in the program, Kelvin is probably best known to Emmerdale viewers as farmer Andy Sugden.

He shared the workplace with actor Clive, who portrayed his on-screen father Jack Sugden.

Jack traveled to Spain in 2008, and they continued to collaborate closely until Jack passed away in 2009.

Kelvin, who departed Emmerdale in 2016, afterwards won Strictly Come Dancing and, in 2022, purchased his own farm in the Peak District.

His journey from having no actual farming experience to becoming a skilled farmhand was chronicled on his own BBC series, Kelvin’s Big Farming Adventure.

Through the farm’s Instagram account, he has since updated followers.

Kelvin posted an homage to his late co-star along with a photo of the two of them shearing a sheep on set on this Instagram page.

He commented, “A lovely friend from Emmerdale recently sent me some old pictures.”

If you had told me what I would be doing now back then, I probably wouldn’t have believed you.

He continued by describing how working with Clive had changed him and how he aspired to be just like him when he grew up.

Regarding Clive, I was truly in awe of him. He served in various ways as a guardian, friend, and mentor.

not just me, but of everybody at Emmerdale. He was incredibly proud of his performance, the show’s standing, and the connection it made with so many viewers.

“I guess a little bit of me wanted to be just like him when I grew up,” said the character I portrayed.

In a brand-new ITV program that will debut this fall, Kelvin plans to keep detailing his experience learning to farm.

As they continue to learn how to run a farm in the Peak District, Kelvin will appear in Fletcher’s Family Farm alongside his wife, Liz, and their four children.

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