Moira and Charity alone for almighty fight in Emmerdale spoiler

In numerous interviews, Natalie J. Robb’s character Moira Barton discussed her feelings on Charity Dingle’s (Emma Atkins) engagement to Mackenzie Boyd (Lawrence Robb) in Emmerdale.

Mackenzie is increasingly focused on the idea that Chloe (Jessie Elland) is almost finished with her pregnancy and will soon welcome their child into the world as the big day draws closer.

Soon, Mack will have to shift his focus elsewhere because this new video captures the moment he gives Moira, who has volunteered to be his best woman, the wedding rings.

Nate joins Mack in leaving Moira and Charity alone together. As you can probably guess, the conversation doesn’t exactly end with a hug and an agreement to get together for a girly chat later on.

Emma Atkins recently explained Charity’s disbelief when she finds that Moira has been chosen as Mack’s right-hand lady, saying, “She was thinking surely he would have picked Ryan or Nate over Moira!”

“They [Charity and Mack] go for this afternoon of tea and cake,” the author writes. “As they approach Nate and Moira, Charity and Mackenzie are approaching Nate and Moira, and he immediately passes the rings to Moira to look after. Moira then puts the rings in the pocket of her farming overalls, and I think Charity’s kind of like, “What the heck’s going on there?”.”

When Charity and Moira are alone, they reminisce about Mack when he was younger, and then the topic shifts to wedding gifts.

As Emma noted, Moira retorts angrily to Charity after she offers to give The A Team a gift.

‘”Look, why don’t you just choose the more straightforward beautiful gesture, something really small?” asks Moira. Why the necessity to take such extreme measures? That, as we see, pushes Charity over the limit.

She becomes enraged by it and asks, “Are you saying I’m being too dramatic? Who or what are you attempting to reach? She is provoking Moira, which ultimately results in a heated argument. I’ll leave it to the audience to enjoy what she says to Moira about her marriage to Cain.

Emma said, “Charity feels she’s gone too far with her insults and goes to find Moira and finds her in the barn organizing these hay bales.”

‘Look, maybe I shouldn’t have said what I said,” she says, and Moira responds with something else that really, really riles Charity up. They end up getting into this strange physical altercation [laughs] and rolling around in these hay bales when, unbeknownst to Moira, her wedding rings fall out of her overalls. She then stands up and exclaims, “Oh! I’ve lost the rings!”

Then there is another argument. With those two, everything just seems to be happening at once.

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