Michelle Keegan defended over backlash to holiday photos and fans say ‘it’s not important’

Michelle Keegan has been defended in response to curious remarks made by fans regarding her wedding band. The actor from ITV’s Coronation Street and BBC’s Our Girl posted pictures from her vacation in the Italian town of Ravello.

Michelle tweeted, “Beautiful Ravello by day,” as she and husband Mark Wright were on vacation. Away from their Essex home, The Only Way Is Essex star and Michelle, who rose to fame as Tina McIntyre in Corrie, are vacationing in Italy.

Have a fantastic time, one supporter remarked. I noticed you don’t wear your wedding rings very often, therefore I was wondering whether you only wear them for photo shoots with Mark. However, Lesley enquired: “@stella9666 why is the importance of wedding rings?

Mark and Michelle don’t need to wear wedding bands to prove to others that they are legally wed.

@lesleyscothern,” Stella wrote. Why exchange wedding rings on the wedding day or for an OK magazine wedding shoot if they aren’t important? Why wear them as and when they feel? “@stella9666,” Sam tweeted. I was thinking the same !!”

Posted by Hannah: “@stella9666 They never seem to be together and never wear wedding rings, I’ve noticed as well. I am aware that they are not usually worn and that they are not significant, but why get married if you aren’t going to exchange rings? Perplexes me. However, I hope they remain a couple. The hippo tweeted: “@stella9666 I had the same thought.

“@stella9666,” said Nikki. Why must they wear wedding bands when they can live separate lives? Even though my husband is never on my social media accounts, our marriage and affection for one another are still intact. Some items are private, while others are for public inspection. “@stella9666 tbh i hard ever wear my rings either,” Cath replied.

Only when I go out do I wear them. I don’t want to bother them when they exercise or clean the house, etc. @mrsshanjohnson, Sally said There are several reasons why people don’t wear their wedding rings, even while they are practically on vacation together. @nikkikillick, Jo tweeted. I’m very delighted she included a picture of him being there. Keep the haters quiet.

Nicki Killick I never addressed Mark’s absence or their love for one another. You indicated that your husband isn’t on your social media, so are you suggesting that you take your wedding ring off when you take pictures of yourself? If you wear one,” another person said. “@stella9666,” said Nicki. They are undoubtedly not significant. My husband wears one on purpose; I never do.

But if he didn’t, it wouldn’t disturb me in the slightest. Not a piece of metal, but your feelings and how you handle your marriage, are what matter. “Stunning place, and you look lovely,” the doctor observed.

Where did you get the yellow dress? Faron formally said, “I love your sunglasses, can you tell me where I can buy a pair of x?” However, Jo Holland questioned, “Lovely photo, but where is your wedding ring?.”

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