Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright reunite for date at iconic Aussie soap location

After spending two months apart, Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright celebrated their reunion with a memorable date. The former Coronation Street star is presently in Australia filming a new TV series.

Finally, the couple has had some quality time to themselves. They went on a date to a famous Australian soap opera site during Michelle’s free time.

Together, they visited the renowned Palm Beach from Home and Away and ate oysters and cocktails there. The beloved character from Corrie posted a mix of videos and photos on her Instagram for followers to view.

For the new drama Ten Pound Poms, Michelle, 35, is in the movies. The BBC drama follows a group of Britons as they depart from gloomy post-war Britain in 1956 and set out on a life-changing journey to a completely other part of the globe.

Just a few days prior, Mark and Michelle had a special day in Sydney that included a river trip. Michelle treated her fans to some breathtaking views of Sydney Harbor when they were on the ferry.

Mark and Michelle first met in 2012, began dating shortly after, and were wed in 2015. They recently moved into their new house in Essex.

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