Michelle Hardwick set for Emmerdale exit in major Christmas storyline

To give birth to her second child, Michelle Hardwick will shortly leave Emmerdale.

Michelle Hardwick, who portrays Vanessa Woodfield, announced earlier this week that she and girlfriend Kate Brooks are expecting their second child. The pair, who originally connected on the set of the ITV soap opera where Kate works as a producer, got hitched in 2019 and delivered their son Teddy the following year.

In December, Michelle, who is expecting a girl, is expected to give birth. Her character’s departure from the show will probably be part of a significant Christmas storyline, according to Inside Soap.

This might be consistent with earlier details we’ve learned regarding Emmerdale’s 50th anniversary.

There are several activities scheduled for the milestone in October, and the narratives are anticipated to have lasting effects that will be resolved at Christmas.

We just finished storyboarding it and released the Christmas storylines last week, boss Jane Hudson remarked at a recent press conference announcing Emmerdale’s impending storylines. There are many things going on, but that is your only lead.

She did, however, add: “We will be closing that month—50th October’s anniversary—with a tale that launches a brand-new narrative and suggests that one of our characters might spend the rest of their lives behind bars. I won’t elaborate further on that tale for you

It is unknown if she could be Vanessa Woodfield, a role played by Michelle. We will update you.

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