You are currently viewing Hollyoaks Fergus Collins has threatened to sell The Dog out from under the McQueens

Hollyoaks Fergus Collins has threatened to sell The Dog out from under the McQueens

According to Fergus Collins, the McQueens in Hollyoaks will lose The Dog if they don’t sell to him.

When Mercedes was under pressure to pay off her husband Sylver’s debt, the villain compelled her to sell the tavern and give him the money.

The tale continued on E4 on Thursday (September 23) in the first-look episode as the McQueens were in disarray following the revelation that Bobby Costello had been the one impersonating Cher’s enigmatic acquaintance ‘Jade.’

“My son has been pretending to be someone he’s not, and your daughter has been on self-destruct mode. Sylver, this is not a happy, healthy family “Mercedes feigned ignorance.

Mercy figured the best thing to do was send Bobby to her mother’s house for a bit so she could get him some professional help, because Bobby had admitted to trolling Cher after learning of her scheme against Mercedes.

Mercedes told Nana, Goldie, and Theresa that she’d sold the bar but Fergus had agreed to let them stay there while running it.

Bobby and Cher threw a surprise party for Mercedes and Sylver to show them they “belong together,” with Cher persuading Sylver to accompany Mercedes because Bobby needed his dad.

“Me and Bobby are going to start over, and we’ll be proper siblings again,” Cher said.

Mercedes and Sylver soon left the village with Bobby, and Fergus informed the other McQueens that “as long as they keep the pennies pouring in,” he’d be a “happy camper.”

Trish, on the other hand, was puzzled as to why Fergus had not informed the McQueens that he was selling the tavern.

“Did you catch me telling them I wasn’t?” Fergus had a question for her. There’s no McQueens in this deal, so the Dog is up for grabs.”

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