Matthew Wolfenden wife: Who is Emmerdale’s David Metcalfe star married to?

Although David Metcalfe from Matthew Wolfenden’s novel had been away for a while, he returned to the village at the end of September.

Fans are curious to learn everything there is to know about the star behind David since the Emmerdale actor has been a part of the ITV soap opera on and off for more than ten years. Here is all the information you need to know about Matthew’s private love life.

Who is Emmerdale’s Matthew Wolfenden married to?

The Emmerdale actor Matthew Wolfenden is married to his 19-year Debbie Dingle co-star Charley Webb.

They started dating in 2006, a year after Matthew was cast in the role of David, and they were wed in 2018.

They live in a little house in North Yorkshire with their three sons, Buster, Bowie, and Ace.

Earlier this year, Matthew and Charley celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary, which he commemorated with a beautiful Instagram post.

The Emmerdale actor posted an old photo of himself and Charley from the beginning of their romance.

This picture was shot 15 years ago, he said. Just now, we “got together.”

“Now that we’ve been married for four years, we’re driving each other crazy with three fantastic, gorgeous (but always bothersome) sons running around the home!

“I knew we’d be together forever while we were getting our picture taken. I’d located my true love.

@miss charleywebb, I love you, buddy. Dear X, Happy Anniversary.

There were rumors that the Emmerdale writers wanted to pair up Matthew and Charley’s characters, David and Debbie, but they declined.

In his introduction on This Morning in 2018, Matthew stated: “When they initially indicated they were going to combine our personalities, we immediately responded, “No, it would be terrible.”

“The prospect of waking up in the morning, traveling to work together, spending the entire day at work together, and performing scenes together makes us go home together and learn our lines together.

and then returning home together.

“Just now, we requested that you not combine us. It’s pleasant to get up, leave, and spend time with our Emmerdale relatives before returning home as a group at the end of the day.”

Debbie left the community last year, but David has since returned after taking a break from Emmerdale.

Leyla temporarily moved in with David and Victoria when he returned in order to spend some time apart from her husband Liam (Jonny McPherson).

Leyla needed some time to reflect after he kissed Bernice Blackstock, but her Liam later saw her getting into a cab.

Liam accused David of being “creepily essential” to the ladies in Emmerdale after he disclosed she had gone to stay with a sober mentor.

David’s simple remark was, “Liam, you messed up with your ex. Along with your wife’s left, you kissed Bernice.

Don’t blame me for that, I said before leaving.

The way they interacted left Liam fuming, but will he be able to save his marriage to Leyla?

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