You are currently viewing Martin Kemp admits he was PUNCHED for the Phil Mitchell storyline by a soap fan.

Martin Kemp admits he was PUNCHED for the Phil Mitchell storyline by a soap fan.

Martin Kemp admits he was PUNCHED

Martin Kemp, a former EastEnders actor, has revealed how he was punched by a fan of the show.

Between 1998 and 2002, he played Steve Owen in the BBC soap.

He was involved in a number of major storylines, including the shooting of Phil Mitchell.

Martin Kemp’s reaction to being punched?

The national fascination with the Who Shot Phil? storyline peaked in 2001, when his character Steve was arrested for the murder.

However, it appears that some fans were motivated to seek vengeance.

Martin admitted that the attack left him in agony on today’s (May 9) episode of Martin and Roman’s Sunday Best.

“I tell you what, I got hit once,” he said.

“I got hit on Tottenham Court Road. This guy came up to me, he looked at me and you have your head down because you don’t want people to recognise you.

“Walking along, cap on, and all I knew what this fist came flying out of nowhere. Hit me in the stomach.”

He added: “And he said: ‘Steve Owen.’ Boom. I said: ‘What did you do that for?’ It absolutely winded me. It was for shooting Phil Mitchell.”

Martin Kemp left EastEnders when?

Martin’s persona After attempting to abduct Phil’s daughter Louise, Steve was killed in 2002.

After a last-minute change of heart that saw him save Louise’s life, he was killed in a car explosion.

His wife Mel, on the other hand, was saddened by his passing.

She returned to Walford almost two decades later, but died in a lorry accident two years later.

Actor Martin, who was watching from home, shared his thoughts on Mel’s death.

Martin, who played Mel’s husband Steve Owen from 1998 to 2002, tweeted: “So the Owens come to an end!!!

“Now just part of #EastEnders history, congrats to everyone on the show, taking ongoing drama back to its best!!!”

EastEnders: Martin Kemp admits he was PUNCHED

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