Mark Charnock height: How tall is Emmerdale’s Marlon Dingle actor Mark Charnock?

In the 1990s, Mark Charnock joined the Emmerdale cast as the endearing chef Marlon Dingle, and he has remained a fan favorite ever since.

He hasn’t had much success with women, since his first union to Trisha Dingle ended tragically in 2004 when she was killed in a storm.

Marlon and Rhona Goskirk have been in an on-off relationship for the past ten years, and things finally came to a climax last week.

Rhona originally appeared in Emmerdale in 2001, but she left the following year and didn’t return until 2010.

Although Rhona and Marlon did have a brief romance, she later began dating Paddy Kirk, who was Marlon’s buddy and her coworker.

The three of them have remained close friends on the ITV serial even if their romance didn’t last.

Marlon has wed four times in total, most recently to Rhona after they rekindled their romance in 2020.

Sadly, since becoming engaged in March, Marlon and Rhona have been going through a terrible period.

Marlon fell shortly after the proposal, interrupting the family’s joyous moments, and his life was forever altered.

Marlon has made incredible progress after five months of protracted recovery.

So much so that he was able to marry his beloved Rhona by walking down the aisle.

How tall is Emmerdale’s Marlon Dingle actor Mark Charnock?

Marlon Dingle actor Mark Charnock measures 194.3 cm, or an astounding 6 ft 4 in, according to Celeb Heights.

Charnock previously characterized himself as “6ft 4 12 in, slender, and geeky” in an interview with the Daily Record.

Additionally, he has frequently referenced his height on Twitter, claiming to be “6ft 4 and a bit.”

Charnock’s on-screen wife Rhona, played by actress Zoe Henry, is significantly shorter than Charnock.

There is more than a foot between the Emmerdale actors because Henry is reputedly 5 feet 1 inch tall.

He is also taller than the male actors who play the roles of Cain Dingle and Paddy Kirk, Jeff Hordley and Dominic Brunt, both of whom are 5 feet 11 inches.

Charnock acknowledged earlier this year that he was concerned about Marlon’s stroke plot line.

In her opening statement on This Morning in June, Charnock said: “I was particularly anxious about the response because, as we always emphasize in the interviews, no two strokes are the same.

I was concerned about the online reaction, but it’s actually been wonderful,” he remarked.

Even if Marlon’s stroke wasn’t exactly like the stroke they had seen or experienced, they could still relate to it.

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