Mackenzie Boyd goes missing on his wedding day in Emmerdale

CHARITY Dingle is finally prepared to accompany Mackenzie Boyd down the aisle, but the wedding devolves into mayhem.

For an unknown reason, the Emmerdale hottie flees the wedding, leaving his wife to worry.

In scenes appearing on ITV, chaos will take over the town, leading viewers to question whether Charity (played by Emma Atkins) and Mackenzie Boyd (Lawrence Robb) will actually get married.

When Moira Dingle (Natalie J. Robb) gives Charity a slideshow of images of Mackenzie and the Woolpack landlady notices a reference to the A-Team, the couple are getting ready to go down the aisle.

She argues with Moira, though, and pushes her into a haystack.

The best man for her brother’s wedding, Moira, sets out to get the rings, but Charity’s paranoia gets the better of her and she accuses the farmer of planning to ruin the wedding.

But the next day, Moira gives the rings to Charity, who is overjoyed, and everything is fine.

When she shows him the gift Charity had in mind for him—a doppelganger of the A-Team van—Mack is astonished.

Later on, on a country road, where Mackenzie and Charity are dressed up and parked in the van, things unfortunately reach another boiling point.

When PC Swirling captures them, they are astonished to hear that the van was used in a robbery.

They must be arrested by the copper, who then locks them up in cells.

Charity and Mackenzie discover they’ll have to settle in as they won’t be released any time soon after spending some time behind bars.

Charity is furious because she believes Moira has set them up.

The day after, the wedding preparations have started, but Charity and Mackenzie are still confined to their cells and unsure of whether their big day can actually take place.

Charity’s attempts are ineffective, despite her desperation and satisfaction with PC Swirling.

Thankfully, the couple is freed, but they are devastated to learn that their chance at marriage has passed.

Mack begs Cain on the phone to stop vicar Charles Anderson, but when the A-team van roars into view with PC Swirling at the wheel, he and Charity are startled.

When the car arrives at the church, Charles (Kevin Mathurin) accepts Mack and Charity’s dress-up wedding proposal.

Katie Hill arrives at the ceremony in time to deliver the news that Chloe Harris is giving birth alone after going into labor to the bride and groom.

Later, Mackenzie is found by Nate Robinson (Jurell Carter), who urges him to go quickly after noticing that he is carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders.

After giving it some thought, Mack reads a note on his phone before leaving on a mission.

Charity stays in the church and is prepared for the worst, but is that what Mackenzie has been keeping from her?

The audience will recall that a few months ago, Mack and Chloe had a one-night stand, and he is the father of the child.

Will Charity learn?

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