Lydia Dingle struggles to cope in aftermath of her rape in Emmerdale

Following their reunion at a local employment fair, CRAIG Reed exploited Lydia Dingle.

Next week, the beloved Karen Blick character from Emmerdale will find it difficult to recover from her horrific rape experience.

Amelia Spencer has received a lot of support from Lydia Dingle, a good-natured and loving family woman, who accepted her duty as baby Esther’s grandma right away.

As a result, she made the decision to look for a means to earn some more money, which eventually brought her and Craig Reed (Ben Addis), her childhood boyfriend, back together at a local job fair.

Craig gave Lydia a job and her stepson Samson a work experience opportunity as the two gradually reconnected.

But when Craig raped Lydia Dingle in horrifying footage seen on ITV, he distorted what was meant to be a sweet and amicable reunion.

Lydia will be having a hard time adjusting to life after her rape next week. Will she continue to keep quiet?

The whole drama for Lydia started when she hesitantly promised to drive Craig to their baby’s grave because he was eager to chat about their shared past.

Craig and Lydia afterwards contemplated their baby’s life as they stood over the spot where his ashes were dispersed.

They looked back on their lives and realized that their shared suffering had brought them together.

When they got back together, Lydia and Craig had a passionate exchange, but Lydia decided to hide the almost-kiss from her husband.

The next day, Lydia was upset at Home Farm and screamed at Kim Tate (Claire King) before informing her what had occurred with Craig.

Soon after arriving at his office, Lydia submitted her resignation, but she stumbled when Craig emphasized how much their recent relationship meant to him.

She revoked her resignation but questioned whether she had made the correct decision given their rekindled relationship and her devotion to Sam.

When Craig admitted to Lydia his actual love for her, she grew frightened as he started to exert pressure on her.

After being dropped off at home by her assailant while still in shock, Lydia decided against telling anybody about her experience.

But is there a way to get her to talk?

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