Lydia Dingle confronts rapist Craig as he makes sick move with Samson in Emmerdale

As Lydia Dingle struggles to move past her rape experience, LIFE is looking more gloomy than ever for her.

However, Karen Blick’s beloved character from Emmerdale stands up for her when Craig Reed tries to intimidate her again.

After tricking Lydia Dingle into thinking his intentions toward her were good, Craig Reed (played by Ben Addis) sexually assaulted her.

To top it all off, he has been deceiving her into thinking she gave consent when it is obvious she never did.

The sympathetic and amiable figure, who kept quiet after the trauma, was a shadow of her former self, and ITV viewers were heartbroken to witness this.

In the meantime, Craig manipulates Samson Dingle (Sam Hall), a star-struck actor, to get under her skin, and Sam’s husband Sam (James Hooton) has started to admire the CEO almost as much as his young kid.

However, in scenes that will be broadcast the following week, Lydia resolves to confront her assailant as she starts to recall how strong she can be.

Before leaving for Ireland, Sam tries one more time to make amends with Lydia but she is unable to do so.

He feels as though she is pushing him away while she hides her heartache.

Craig continues to interrogate Samson about Lydia’s friendship with Sam in an effort to ratchet up the tension in the Dingle household.

Later on, when Lydia discovers Samson and Craig in the Woolpack, she loses her cool and yells angrily for her embarrassed stepson to go home.

While Samson chastises Lydia once again for telling Craig to keep away from him, Craig feels uneasy.

But although Samson struggles to grasp the seriousness of the situation, Mandy Dingle (Lisa Riley) is recognizing the numerous indications that Lydia isn’t right.

Later, as Lydia is cleaning at the workplace, Craig arrives, terrifying her.

Lydia accuses him of rape after he drove her to breaking point with his assurance that he did nothing wrong.

How will he act?

Could he possibly attack her again?

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