Lucy Mecklenburgh says having two young kids is “absolute carnage”

Being a mother of two, according to Lucy Mecklenburgh, is “total devastation.”

Lilah, the sister of the former The Only Way Is Essex star’s two-year-old son Roman with actor Ryan Thomas, was born ten weeks ago.

Additionally, Ryan is the father of Lucy’s 13-year-old daughter Scarlett. In an exclusive interview with Mirror Online, Lucy talked about her expanding family.

She remarked, “I was speaking to Ryan about this, and I was saying it’s beautiful chaos.

“I love it. There are so many beautiful moments—like when they’re hugging and kissing and you’re all chilling out together watching a movie—that I just want to bottle them up. But then, as you would guess, there’s pure carnage.

I’m having to stop Lilah from getting a dinosaur in her face because toys are flying everywhere.

Roman was born to Lucy, 30, in March 2020, just days before the coronavirus pandemic put the entire world on lockdown.

She attributes her success to her fiancé Ryan, 38, a former Coronation Street actor, and claims that things have gone more smoothly this time.

In fact, she claimed, going from zero to one was more difficult than going from zero to one.

“You’re only making things worse since you’re already getting less sleep and things are already a little crazy.

“However, I’m truly enjoying it and consider myself incredibly fortunate to have my child and child.

“They make such a great couple, and Roman enjoys her to the hilt.

It’s a good kind of crazy, though.

Roman is now two and a half, and the actor continued, “I can have a genuine discussion with him now that I know his personality and he just makes me laugh every single day.”

“It’s the milestones that are so enjoyable, like when Lilah gave me her first huge smile and is now giggling and looking about.

“Roman used to have lengthy talks with me, but they were really more like demands: “Mum, I’d like a bagel now.”

Even though it can be challenging at times, it is so enjoyable to watch their personalities develop.

The influencer offers some wise counsel to new parents and takes care to present to her audience a realistic perspective of parenthood.

It’s incredibly difficult at the beginning, therefore it’s critical to present both perspectives on social media, she said.

“Everybody will experience a unique pregnancy, unique birth, and unique child.

“My best piece of advise is to always follow your instincts.

“Nobody knows your child better than you, so trust your gut if something doesn’t feel right.

“A lot of people feel really proud, but I genuinely believe it takes a village to raise a child. Don’t be embarrassed to ask for assistance.

Take use of all the assistance offered, including the meal deliveries, coffee cups, and the invitation to take a shower or nap.

Taking full advantage of her position as the UK haircare ambassador for Remington, Lucy claims that scheduling time for self-care is a wonderful delight these days.

Although she adored becoming a mother, she added, “It’s lovely to sit at my dressing table, get glammed up, and test out the products.”

“I don’t have time to style my hair every day, so if it lasts the entire day, the following day, and the day after that, it’s a bonus,” she said. “They really do work.”

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