You are currently viewing Neighbours has refreshed the opening titles as Lucinda Cowden is finally added

Neighbours has refreshed the opening titles as Lucinda Cowden is finally added

The opening titles of Neighbours have been revamped on Australian televisions today (September 22), with two important alterations.

The first is that Lucinda Cowden, who portrays Melanie Pearson, has finally been added. Since her comeback, Melanie has been onscreen for several months, and Digital Spy can reveal that Lucinda is a semi-regular, comparable to Geoff Paine’s status.

Melanie appears in the titles along with Toadie Rebecchi and his two children, Nell and Hugo.

This addendum comes as a result of Melanie reclaiming Toadie during the most recent Erinsborough film festival. After Toadie’s kiss with Rose Walker, the couple went their separate ways for a while.

The title change, coupled with Rose’s acceptance of defeat and well wishes for Toadie, shows that Melanie and Toadie have recommitted themselves to one another.

Nicolette has been brought back to life by Charlotte Chimes, who returns in a dramatic way.

Nicolette returned to Erinsborough in Monday’s episode’s cliffhanger after a lengthy absence, this time accompanied by the genuine baby Isla.
Nicolette revealed to David Tanaka and Aaron Brennan, who were shocked, that the baby they’ve been raising is the product of Britney Barnes and Leo Tanaka.

There appears to be plenty more drama ahead for the three of them, since Nicolette does not wish to continue with the original parenting arrangement of David and Aaron being Isla’s primary carers.

Nicolette is shown in the titles with David and Aaron (as well as a pram) – the three of them seeming pleased.

Nicolette is not with Chloe as she was before her abduction, which indicates that the two have a long way to go before they are reunited.

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