‘Let me know when he leaves and I will rewatch again!’ Coronation Street fans beg for storyline to end as killer Stephen’s latest victim is revealed – and they spot MAJOR clue that could see his downfall

After Friday’s episode revealed the identity of Stephen Reid’s most recent victim, viewers of Coronation Street pleaded with the killer’s story to come to a conclusion.

It was revealed in unsettling flashback sequences that the Underworld manager had killed his business partner Rufus by drowning him in his swimming pool.

Viewers have started to lose interest as they call for the plot to end after Stephen (played by Todd Boyce) kills his third victim, establishing him as a serial killer.

The plot, according to some, has been “dragged out” for too long. One disgruntled viewer even tweeted: “Let me know when Stephen leaves and I will rewatch again!”

However, some fans have discovered a significant clue that may spell the end for Stephen, putting an end to his reign of terror.

The fate of Rufus (Steven Meo) was left out in the air in a previous episode, with many viewers speculating that killer Stephen had bumped him off.

And Friday’s episode supported their hypotheses because a flashback segment revealed how Stephen killed Rufus during his conversation with Michael Bailey (Ryan Russell).

After an altercation, Stephen went to Rufus’ opulent home to appear to settle things while Rufus was unaware that Stephen really had homicidal plans in mind.

Rufus could be observed in disbelief when he answered the door to Stephen; he had anticipated Michael to visit concerning his employment. Rufus’ own narration could be heard over the scene as he discussed his business skills with his new junior manager Michael.

‘We’ll do this right,’ Stephen is heard saying. You identify your goal first thing. You take the lead; you don’t want them to approach you.

As the action continues, Stephen is shown giving Rufus an LSD overdose before pushing him into his swimming pool.

In the movie scenes, a drugged-up Rufus is seen fighting in the water and pleading with Stephen for assistance before the latter calmly holds the businessman’s head under the water and kills him.

Frustrated Corrie viewers complained about the character on Twitter after he claimed his third victim and Corrie residents were still oblivious of his nefarious deeds.

One commenter wrote, “#corrie is giving way to the Stephen sl and surely they know many fans are up in arms over it.”

One person said: “I stopped watching #corrie as this storyline is so annoying to watch and they don’t half love to drag a storyline out,” while another said: “I stopped watching #corrie.”

“Is Todd Boyce threatening the writers with a gun?” A third angry supporter exclaimed, “When is Stephen going to be caught ffs.”

“Please let me know when Stephen departs so I can watch it again.” A fourth tweeted, “It’s ghastly right now!”

“I fast-forwarded through Corrie in 15 minutes tonight, skipping the completely absurd Stephen scenes and whiny Sarah.” Will continue to act in the same way until the Comic Cuts killer is identified, said a fifth.

With another adding: ‘Christ. #Corrieis practically unwatchable. Get Stephen FFS out of here!

However, some keen observers have picked up on a crucial point that might result in Stephen finally getting his comeuppance.

After pushing Rufus into the pool, some viewers noticed that Stephen was no longer wearing the tie pin he had been wearing when he first arrived at Rufus’ house.

On Twitter, some people conjectured that if this were discovered by the authorities, it might be a crucial piece of evidence strongly linking the criminal to Rufus’ death.

as Stephen first got to Rufus’ house, he was wearing a tie pin, but as Rufus got in the pool, he took it off. Save this tweet for later. one speculated.

‘Stephen’s tiepin went missing between his and Rufus being near the pool and Rufus drowning,’ the second writer noted. That will probably be Stephen’s doom, summarizing these ludicrous narratives and demonstrating that the audience is a greater detective than PC Crutch Tinker.

‘Anyone anyone see the piece of evidence that would perhaps bring Stephen down, His ‘Tie Pin’ it was loose the other day & suggests he lost it during the pool flashback,’ said a third viewer.

A fourth keen observer predicted that “Stephen’s comeuppance” would come from the loose tie pin.

Stephen’s tie pin will be his downfall, according to one person, who also added, “They’ll find it at Rufus house.” Stephen said that it kept sliding off. I ought to have worked as a detective.

Will Stephen finally receive his just desserts? Will he keep terrorizing the public, or not?

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