Leo returns to Emmerdale after eight month break as fans make the same comment

Leo Goskirk made his long-awaited return to Emmerdale this week, much to the pleasure of the show’s viewers.

Leo is April Windsor’s half-brother and the child of Rhona Goskirk and Marlon Dingle.

Eight months after his last scene, Leo returned on Wednesday to get ready for his mother’s wedding.

After an on-off romance for more than ten years, Marlon and Rhona are finally getting married.

They’re happy than ever despite recent difficulties, including a stroke that has negatively impacted their relationship for the past few months.

When Leo put on his wedding suit on Wednesday, many of his fans remarked on how mature the 11-year-old looked. Beautiful scene with Faith, Chas, Nate, and Cain, according to one tweet.

It’s great to watch them all get along. Wonderful to have Leo back. Having him and April reunited in #emmerdale via @helloharvey.

“Leo’s first scene post-Covid,” Ryan continued.

Oh gosh Harvey you look fantastic, have a great day at the television, it’s mom and dad’s special day, Susan added.

Very dapper young man on television last night, Harvey, said Brigid.

Glad to see you back, Kim said.

“How fabulous and grown up he looks,” Olivia continued.

What a brilliant, gorgeous young man, Pam exclaimed.

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