Leanne says a tearful goodbye to Nick, as she flees with Simon from Coronation Street.

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Leanne says a tearful goodbye to Nick

After his dug contract is compromised, Coronation Street drug lord Harvey learns that Leanne has grassed on him, causing Leanne and Simon to run for their lives the following week.

After drug lord Harvey learns Leanne Battersby is a grass, she will be forced to flee Coronation Street with her son Simon Barlow, putting them both in grave danger.

On the ITV soap next week, one of Harvey’s dealers, Ned, shows up at Leanne’s flat and informs her that he is expecting a delivery.

Ned is interrupted by Simon (Alex Bain) when he lets himself in, telling Leanne that he will use her flat to bag up the drugs.

When Ned presents himself, Leanne (Jane Danson) gets sick to her stomach while attempting to interview him, which makes him suspicious.

Leanne and Simon have succeeded in convincing Ned that they are on his side, but Simon is left alone with him when Leanne leaves to go shopping.

Instead, Leanne meets with DC Costello and informs him of Ned’s drug distribution plans.

Coronation Street Follows

Ned requests that Leanne call in sick to work the next day because the medication distribution has resumed.

Toyah and Nick, on the other hand, assume Harvey is Leanne’s new boyfriend and are taken aback when they see him walking into her apartment.

Harvey (Will Mellor) enlists Simon’s support in acquiring the medicines. Leanne attempts valiantly to convince them to take her instead, but she is rejected.

Harvey later returns, enraged, after discovering that he had been set up and that someone had grassed him.

Stuck, Leanne is forced to confess that it was she who did it, and she later informs Toyah that she and Simon are leaving the cobbles because they are no longer safe.

Nick is taken aback when he arrives at the flat on Friday and discovers Leanne and Simon are preparing to leave.

Nick assures her that Toyah has told him everything and that he really loves her, pleading with her to reconsider their relationship.

Yet Leanne, who is weeping, insists it’s too late, and the two share a heartbreaking farewell.

Later, an irritated Nick explains why Leanne had to leave and how he had to choose between her and Sam.

Meanwhile, Simon says a tearful farewell to his father Peter…

Leanne says a tearful goodbye to Nick



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