Kym Marsh signed up to Strictly as new husband ‘might leave country’ next year

Kym Marsh has disclosed that her husband might leave the country next year was one of the factors in her decision to compete on Strictly Come Dancing.

The 46-year-old former Corrie star claimed she had previously “toyed” with the idea of joining the BBC ballroom, but there were a number of reasons why it never felt like the right time until now.

During a roundtable discussion with the media, the singer talked candidly about her marriage to her husband Scott Ratcliff.

When asked why she decided to compete in Strictly this year, Kym responded: “Well, it is Strictly, after all. I’ve thought about it over the past few years, but I never felt like the time was right for me. Then, I decided that this year would be a good year.”

The soap star hinted that Scott, a military man, might be departing next year, suggesting that she took up dancing this year while he was still around to support her during live performances.

My husband is still in the country right now, and next year he might not be, so I thought, “Let’s do it,” Kym continued. “I mean its the twentieth anniversary and its going to be a big one.”

Since Scott is a major in the army’s Parachute Regiment, he may eventually be deployed again even though he is currently stationed domestically.

But her dad, who is battling terminal cancer, was another family-oriented reason she did the show.

Kym kept going: “It was a good year to do it, in my opinion, because my dad was a big fan of the show and isn’t doing too well.

She continued, adding her final justification: “Additionally, I heard Will doing it!”

Kym’s Strictly experience had a rough beginning when she was forced to train without any new clothes because Scott was mowing the lawn and Kym finished early.

She uttered: “My husband was supposed to drive here and bring my suitcase so that I wouldn’t have to take everything on the train, but he wasn’t here yesterday.

“He ultimately got carried away and finished mowing the lawn and who knows what else, while I finished well ahead of schedule. I realized I had no clothes when I went back inside. I don’t have a change of clothes with me.

“Nothing beneath. Nothing at all is with me. Nothing to remove my makeup, and yesterday we were all sweaty messes.”

Graziano Di Prima, an Italian dancing professional, is Kym’s partner.

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