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Kim reaches a huge decision about the future

In forthcoming EastEnders episodes, Kim Fox (Tameka Empson) will make a major choice concerning her future.

Kim had an unsettling situation in recent weeks when she was made to think her husband Vincent was attempting to contact her.

Kim eventually realized Vincent was deceased when children’s performer Howie was proven to be the person behind the ‘Vince Hubbard’ cab booking.

With Kim finally making progress, the focus shifts to Pearl, who begins to exhibit behavioural concerns at school.

Pearl’s teacher comes to see Kim and tells her that because Pearl is so bright, she needs to be challenged more.

Kim is determined to send her daughter to a private school after learning the news.

When Isaac (Stevie Basula) speaks with Kim, he tries to persuade her that private schools aren’t the only way to provide Pearl with a good education.

Kim refuses to budge, promising to set up an online donation site where her fans can contribute.

Is this, however, a good idea?

Will Kim’s money-making scheme backfire, will her supporters demand their money back, destroying her career?

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