Kelvin Fletcher’s life after Emmerdale – Strictly success, farm life and birth of twins

In 1996, when he was just 12 years old, Kelvin Fletcher made his television debut as a cast member of Emmerdale.

The actor who portrayed Andy Sugden was only scheduled to appear on the soap opera for a short time, but he swiftly rose to the top of the cast and Fletcher ended up working on Emmerdale for a staggering 20 years.

But when it was announced in 2016 that Fletcher would be departing the program in order to “do something new,” supporters were angry.

He declared: “My time has come now,” during an appearance on This Morning. I’ve given this choice about 18 months of thought.

I took the decision to leave the show about a year ago, and I don’t mean to disparage it in any way; if anything, it was because of their ingenuity that made me feel like I could do something new.

And it appears that Fletcher has utilized his free time well since quitting the program.

After six years, the former actor has undoubtedly been busy with his other endeavors, including becoming a father to two newborn twins.

Strictly Come Dancing champion

In 2019, it was revealed that Kelvin would take Jamie Lang’s place on Strictly after the Made in Chelsea star suffered a serious foot injury during the show’s premiere.

Even though Kelvin joined Strictly at the last minute, his stay there was a huge success.

With the help of Oti Mabuse, Fletcher was able to dance his way to the championship round, where he was awarded the Glitterball trophy.

“It’s just been such a privilege to be here, I think this show represents everything that is amazing with this country,” he said after winning the ballroom competition.

Professional racing career

The former Emmerdale actor apparently has other skills besides dancing; he’s a passionate rally car racer.

One of the first aspirations he pursued after leaving Emmerdale was a career in racing.

Just a year after leaving the program, he spoke to the Mirror and said: “I made the decision to do it when I was a ripe old age of 28.

“My dad and I began club racing after purchasing a vintage Mini. I ultimately took home the championship.

“I’ve executed business contracts. It has undoubtedly become a reality and has snowballed. I was fortunate that sponsors were eager to support me due to my profile.

Farming in the Peak District

Kelvin made the decision to pursue farming as a new career in 2021.

He and his family bought a 120-acre 18th-century property and moved from the city of Oldham to rural bliss in the Peak District.

The family’s farming experience was documented for the six-part Kelvin’s Big Farming Adventure series on BBC One.

The huge relocation, Kelvin noted in an interview with Radio Times, was “a real pause where you couldn’t help but be present and contemplate. Life is often a matter of always being on to the next thing.

“I believe that we were both ready for a change. to accept something novel.

Dad of four

After being married to his childhood sweetheart and actress Liz Marsland in 2015, Fletcher and his wife welcomed Marnie, their first child, into the world in August 2016.

Fatherhood is great, Fletcher told the Mirror when asked about being a father. Everything and more is in it.

“We would adore having more kids. We’re in a good place to begin planning for a larger family. I’m ready to go because I already have an estate automobile. I desire five kids.

Since that time, Fletcher’s wishes for a large family have been realized.

The couple welcomed their first son, Milo, two years after the birth of their first kid.

And the couple recently had twin babies, bringing their total number of children to four.

On Instagram, Kelvin announced the arrival of his twin sons and described them as “a gift from God.”

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