Kelvin Fletcher teases ITV Emmerdale return as he’s triggered by watch-stealing storyline while fans ‘work out’ culprit

In jest, Kelvin Fletcher has hinted that he’ll return to Emmerdale after being provoked by a recent plot. The actor is well known to ITV soap opera viewers for his role as Andy Sugden.

As the adopted son of Jack and Sarah Sugden in the Dales, he made his debut on screen in 1996. Before quitting the position in 2016, Kelvin held it for 20 years.

Yet over seven years after his final moments were broadcast, Kelvin has hinted that he would be open to going back to the made-up Yorkshire village. The Emmerdale Instagram account offered a sneak peek of the upcoming week’s episodes over the weekend.

Fans saw an enraged Will Taylor grabbing Sam Dingle by the neck in one picture, and the message teased that Sam will be accused of stealing from Will the following week. It follows scenes that were broadcast last week in which Sam was charged with stealing Will’s watch.

After the Dingle family had a shower after their own boiler at home broke, Will discovered Sam dressed in his wife Kim Tate’s kimono. Will decided to keep Sam’s financial issues between them when Sam explained them. He subsequently found out, though, that his watch was gone.

Kim was more understanding and indicated that if the watch was returned, Sam could maintain his job. Will was fast to want Sam fired and the police involved.

Nonetheless, Sam persisted in claiming his innocence, which cost him his job. Later Lydia made the decision to leave her position as Kim’s cleaner in support of her husband.

Kelvin was seen leaving a remark on the Instagram preview for this week’s episode as he wrote: “If he touches Sam like that again I’m coming back to sort it.” Naturally, fans were responding.

“Oh please come back, we need more Sugdens in Emmerdale,” said @jm dingle_. “Please come back, even if it’s only a flying visit,” @anne.baines3 said. “Please do,” @ helen shaw_ echoed. #bringbacksuggers.”

Gosh, how we would love to see your return to the dales, wrote @puddycatsgonenuts. “People would definitely love for you to come back,” tweeted @dawn.clark.140. “Hope you would pal,” added @parrswoodmikey1969.

To mix things up a touch, Emmerdale needs you to return as Andy! Writers, you know, come on!

I believe they have identified the true watch-stealing offender in the interim. I believe the shady Nicky Nanny stole it, according to @parrswoodmikey1969. “Sam did not steal, I believe it was Nicky and Charity finds out something,” wrote @aaronsharp123. Sam did not steal Will’s watch, as @jamiepickles echoed. I feel. Nanny was there.

And more than just Nicky is in the picture. One of the youngsters snatched it, I believe, to play with the boy, according to @jojosp4rrow. It was Will’s grandson who took it to play with, but Will is behaving so pious because he married into wealth that he seems to have forgotten he was ever imprisoned.

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