You are currently viewing Kelly is framed for another crime – and goes back to prison?

Kelly is framed for another crime – and goes back to prison?

When Kelly Neelan (Millie Gisbson) returns to Coronation Street, she will do everything she can to make amends, but being accused of a crime will only make things worse for her.

Kelly decides to move into supported living accomodation after Toyah (Georgia Taylor) informs her that Elsie may have to move out because Kelly has returned.

When she arrives, she is shocked to see the word “murderer” sprayed on the wall.

Kelly cleans the graffiti off the wall in her supported living facility.

Meanwhile, Dec receives his new automobile, but later notices that it has been scratched and suspects Kelly is to blame.

Craig (Colson Smith) interrogates Kelly about Dev’s car vandalism.

Kelly claims she spent the day in York with a friend, but Craig discovers that her so-called friend hasn’t seen her since the morning.

Outside the chippy the next day, Kelly approaches Nina (Mollie Gallagher) and Asha (Tanisha Gorey) and assures them that she did not key Dev’s car and that she is telling the truth about her trip to York.

Will they, however, both believe her story?

Or is Kelly already facing re-incarceration?

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